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Pixelated render with Eevee

My render is way too pixelated.

I note that when I have a Large shot the face and details would be too pixelated on  Eevee and clear only on in close ups.

I don't know how to tackle this issue,  something I find it too distracting. 

The only solution I found was render at 400% which isn't ideal solution.  as when I render it with other camera settings the a 100% image side render provide a clear solution. You can find sample in the wasp bot file, which I downloaded from to test by verified settings. 

Attached two files Olivia Olivia disco which is my blend, and pixelated, file and wasp which I downloaded from as it shows that my meshes could be rendered clearly at 100% if the camera is well set. 

I do however need to move the camera, and once I do it, the render becomes pixelated. 

This happens to me in several characters, scenes. 

I tweaked, all parameters (lights, camera setting, baking, TD, etc').. the results are more or less the same. 

I can only assume I miss here something fundamental in my settings, i.e. that I have a major hole in my understanding of blender and rendering... but what am I missing?

any help, advice would be highly appreciated.