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Physics are not rendering

I was trying to render an animation for the rocket launch project. Everything was working, except for the fact that the particles were going strait through the floor and wasn't hitting the invisible cone. I have a mac laptop because this is a hobby I'm trying to get into and I need my computer for school so my specs are not great. So I went back and that specific part of the tutorial again and tried to render it again and again it didn't work. So I try again to find the problem and render just one image in the middle of the shot and it appeared the way that is was supposed to. I rendered the animation overnight, and, it didn't work. I gave up deciding that since it was my first 3d project I obviously messed up some where and I gave up.  That was a while ago. Yesterday I made a little thing where there is a bunch of cubes on a platform and there is a chain that swings down and hits all the cubes and they fly all over the place. It worked great in the view port until I tried to render it and the chain didn't even move down because the physics were not pulling the chain down. I don't know what Im doing wrong. Viewport animations work fine and at this point I'm really confused. If anyone has any ideas please help.

  • Hey enzopalmer, there have been quite a few cases where the render was different from the viewport (and sometimes animation different from single frames).

    You should try baking the physics before rendering. Should help a bit.

    You might also want to have a look at this post (especially at the bottom): https://cgcookie.com/questions/11624-render-problems

    When there are still problems left, please provide us with a link to your .blend file (through Dropbox or whatever cloud service you like).