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Regarding radius slider not updating as shown at 2:25

I noticed that unlike in the video at 2:25, my brush radius slider was not updating when I used the "F" shortcut. It looks like you have to press w to bring up the context menu and disable "Unified radius" 

Not really a question, but hopefully this helps if someone else is bothered by that.

  • Works with and without Unfied Radius.

    What Blender version are you using? (Where did you get it?) Any 3rd party addons enabled?.....

    • 2.82a, Tried disabling all addons and the behavior continues.

       To clarify, the actual brush size changes with the F shortcut, but the numerical radius slider in the header continues to display the same value.  Note how they both display 35 px in the image below despite the radius being changed drastically with F.

      Its really not a major issue, I was just confused for a few minutes why mine was behaving differently than the video.

    • Okay, so you mean the numbers in the Radius settings don't update while dragging. They do change however when you release the mouse button.. 

      This is also happening in the video.

      Watch again.

    • Actually that screenshot is after the mouse button has been released. 

      They do not change when the mouse button is released, the numerical slider value is locked until unified is disabled. 

      I see whats happening in the video, its different than how mine behaved with unified enabled, this discrepancy is the reason I posted.

      You can see the same sort of thing here. .

    • Right, but that was fixed, apparently.

      What blender version are you using?

    • Ah I see. Looks like my version of 2.82 wasn't the most recent. Its working as you said in the updated version. 

      Also checked out 2.83 but the context menu is different there and I haven't been able to even locate the unified brush radius option in that version. 

      Guess I should update blender much more frequently.

    • In 2.83 (built today) the only place I could find the unified size is here (with a new icon):

      The W gives a Pie Menu for Face Sets;)

    • Oh nice! That will be great to know once I switch over to 2.83. Thanks for the help Spikeyxxx

      I went to check the bindings and noticed that both the Face sets and context menu were both bound to W by default (in v2.83.9 atleast). It is still under the context menu as well, just have to rebind it to access it.