Problem in movement

When I open a new file movement run regularly as explained.

If I roll the middle  wheel of the mouse I can zoom, if I press it I can rotate.

However if I hit shift to pan, even after I release shift the wheel doesn't zoom anymore. And the movement is as if I'm still pressing shift.

Or sometimes shift doesn't work and I cannot pan....

I use a Mac Keyboard and a MaCally Mouse....


  • Are your drivers up to date? 

    I don't think anybody else has this problem, never came across it and it's so basic that it can hardly be a bug.

    • I have had it on all the mac computers.

      The wireless mouse was not working at all...

      I had to buy a wired 3 buttons MaCally.

      I use Mojave 10.14.6


    • Also,

       I have more info. 

      I have both version Blender 2.8.1 and Blender 2.7.6

      It happen on both versions.

      I changed the keyboard with a wired keyboard. Still happening.

      When shift it's is pressed it goes in pan view/mode and it doesn't exit from it when it is released.

      Then all the controls are wrong.

      I saw online other people with the same problem but I didn't  see a solution.

      The problem is such that the program is not usable.

    • Well, I can't reproduce the error and can't find a bug report either. Of course Blender is useless this way, 

      But if this already happens in 2.76 and still in 2.81, then why has it not been reported and fixed? This would certainly be high priority, I'd say.

      Make a bug report:

      My guess is that it's a Mac specific problem, but not all Mac users have this, so I don't know.

      Report that bug!