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My attempt, very little smoothing used

Really impressed with how this has turned out, I've not gone for a perfect look here, i chose not to smooth many of the vertices, more for a more natural look, but this has been a great experience, following along, learning the workflow, importance of loops etc. Soon i'll be adding some hair. I also chose to colour the eyes, as it looked very unnatural without any colour 

  • eyes are spooky when they're not colored and such...

    also included in this is, no eyelids or lids wide open...

    something to think about...

    hope this helps

  • crew

    Hey nice work, that's a great result! 

    One tip about eyes in general - they usually look best when partially covered by either the top or bottom lid. Having so much white space around makes them spooky. 

    Here's a quick cut and paste of what happens if you scale them up and shift them up slightly: 

    I think I accidentally made the pupils different sizes or something as it's a bit off, but hopefully that helps 😄

    Keep up the good work!

    • Haha yeah you're right 😂 I left the eye lids tucked behind the eyeballs slightly rather than slightly covering them, I'll get it fixed up so it looks less creepy 😁 great course by the way, I've learned a lot from this site