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Question about the first blender quiz

My apologies if this is not the appropriate place to ask, but question 2 on this quiz asks: "What happens when you add a new mesh primitive in Edit Mode?" I found the answer "It is added to the scene, combined with the active object" to be rather confusing. how are the 2 combined if I have to shift-click to select both of them? Sorry if I missed the answer.

Thanks for reading this! Sorry if this is a stupid question...

  • The catch is the "in Edit Mode" part.

    When you're in Edit Mode and you add a mesh, they are automatically one object. They are not connected to each other but they are contained within the same object.

    If you were in Object Mode and added a new Object (note that it's called "adding an object" now, not "mesh") they would not be combined and you would be right.

    The trick with that question is really just the phrasing.