Lennart (lennartderzweite)

7 answers · asked @ video mark 3:45 · Lesson: Simulating the Launch Smoke · Course: Build and Animate a Low Poly Rocket in Blender 2.8 for Beginners

Doesn't the texture reduce the time of appearance too much?

When switching the colour stops around the preview picture doesn't flip vertically. Its half black ...and black is in this case the size 0 right?

Doesn't that mean that at about half of the lifetime the particles are gone or to small to see already? Also the dark black doesn't seem to start at exactly 50%. Doesn't that make it harder to work with if you would want it to be to small to see for example at an exact time? Is there a way to make it that the preview picture would flip vertically instead to make the black area smaller or am I interpreting the meaning of the preview picture wrong?

edit: The videomark is wrong it should be 28:12