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How can I do this??

Can I apply meshes to others Meshes? Is It possible to do? If It did I would be very pleased on how to do it 

  • Please tell Me if you know

  • To tell the truth I don't know what you excatly mean.

    Well there are three possible answers I can think of. The first one is to join two selected meshes to one with Strg+J  in object mode this will "combine two meshes into one"

    The other one is to work with shape key . I'm not exactly  an expert in it, but the basic idea is to transform on form from a mesh to another.

    Or do you mean to copy one mesh from a blend file into a other blend file? That's pretty easy. Select the mesh you want to copy, press Strg+C, go to the blend file you want to past it and press Strg+V in the Viewport. 

  •  well you can apply sticky notes to objects like that applying mesh to another mesh so it will stick to it

  • Hi shanr, maybe use snapping to place the mesh. then select the mesh, then SHIFT select the other mesh you want it to stick to.

    Press CTRL+P to 'Parent' it:

    Now it sticks.

  • Thanks spikeyxxx  You are very helpful. Stay safe at home everybody!