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How do you save an image texture scaled in blender?

Hard to see them in some spots, but being a perfectionist they still annoy me.So I am trying to practice adding external textures to organic human models in blender 2.82 and have encountered an issue. So I got this free skin texture from the internet that I scaled up on a model and it looks pretty good, but there are still some seams that I want to clear. Anyway, since it was scaled up in the node/Shader editor with the mapping node, I can't paint those parts away. Is there a way I can somehow save that scaled image so I don't have to edit it externally and then texture paint away those seams afterwards? Or is doing that and/or doing it manually with the stencil  paint my only option? FYI I am still fairly new to texturing so if there is video on here I missed on this issue please let me know. Thanks!