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I cant apply modifiers/ convert to mesh after choosing the keyframe

when i try to apply the modifiers it gives an error: modifiers cannot be applied to a mesh with shape keys

  • crew

    I just confirmed that I too cannot apply modifiers on an object with shapekeys. However I am able to convert to mesh to functionally "collapse" the model + modifiers + shapekeys.

    Are you sure the convert to mesh option is giving you this error and not just the apply button in the modifier?

  • Not able to convert to mesh. Convert to mesh option is not on the list. Hot key doesn't work

    • Since 2.8 this particular hotkey has been removed. You can find it here:

      Or use the Search menu.

      If you right click on 'Mesh from Curve/Meta/...'' you can assign a hotkey to it, or you can put it in your Quick Favorites if you are using this often.

    • Yup, got it! Thanks guys