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Character Pose for Presentation

Hi. I'm working on a character. And I'm at a stage where I finished the High Poly modeling. Now I was wondering because I wanted to pose my character how to do it. Should  Pose it as a High Poly and then retopo, texture. Or should I Retopo and texture him and then pose it in the end. Never done this complex model so I'm having some trouble in presenting it and putting it in a ''finished project'' folder. The question mainly is about what's the best method to pose a complex character. I've uploaded a fast screenshot.

Thanks Blender Cookie buds!!!

  • crew

    Hey, I would definitely recommend doing your retopology first and then posing him at the end. Looks good so far; good luck! 

  • agree retopo then pose and might add that until that phase is completed wait on the uv unwrap and texture...

    as the retopo and posing play hand in hand some adjustments may be needed to the topology and until that is settled the uv unwrap and texturing work are not going to be safe from the changes made...

    hope this helps... :D