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How do you do create the individual vertex groups for the DEF bones in 2.8


I know how to create new vertex groups for a mesh and apply the weight to the group its just that when I change the name of the group to match that of a certain DEF bone, the rig doesn't seem to make the connection between the bone and the group and so the mesh isn't parented to the rig. I don't know if this a lack of understanding or a change in version (currently using 2.82).


  • crew

    Hi xxman544 ,

    It works the same in 2.8x, however, I suspect you're missing 1 thing.  There's several ways to create the actual groups but it sounds like you're already halfway there so here's a little bit of a checklist rather than trying to explain all the different ways of doing that.

    -Make sure the name of the vert group matches the name of the bone exactly.

    -Make sure the bone is set to actually deform (this is enabled by default when the bone is created)

    -On the Mesh object, you need to have an armature modifier (with the correct armature in the settings)

    -Parenting isn't actually needed for it to work but it's a good idea to parent the mesh to the rig. (this is the step that can automatically add the armature modifier to the mesh which sometimes gets forgotten)

    Hope that helps.