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[Suggestion] Discounted And Reduced memberships

CG cookie is awesome, and ever dollar of the membership is completely worth it.

However, there are a lot of people where 30 dollars can get a bit pricey. So, I'm proposing a discounted membership idea.

How would this discounted membership work?

  • Discounted members would have access to the main learning curves
    •  However They would have to watch with adds 
      • This is allows CG Cookie to make money that they might have lost from the discounted membership
      • This also allows people who really cant pay 30 dollars a month, still have access to cg cookie, but still gives people -who can afford it- an incentive to upgrade to a full membership
  • Discounted members will NOT be able to download courses
    • This makes sure that CG cookie will still obtain ad revenue from views
    • This also gives people an incentive to upgrade
  • Depending on the price of the cost, Members should have access to the other citizen perks

Subject specific memberships

This memberships will function in the same as full Citizen memberships, or Discounted memberships. However they would be limited to specific subjects such as:  Blender, Unity/Game dev,  2D concept, and clay sculpting.

Pricing Recommendations 

  • Subject Specific
    • 5-15 us dollars
  • Full Discounted membership
    • 10-20 us dollars


  • What are your thoughts on this?

    • xenoslaywright I remember feeling exactly as you did. Money was tight and I just tried to learn off of free content on CGCookie. But the more I came back, the more I wanted to know.

      I eventually just saved up for the yearly membership and waited for a discount/sale period where they offered "the Full Cookie" for a slightly better price and I bit the bullet.

      I you cannot afford the yearly membership then I would even suggest just making a plan of what courses you are interested in learning and then buy a month membership once you've saved it up and do download all the videos for the stuff you want to learn. That would be the best bang for your buck and you could watch the other courses offline.

      One course typically takes me a month because I am a blender hobbyist......and I am really not that good overall at learning 3D so simple topics take me some time. I mostly model at night when kids are in bed and my brain/creativity level is pretty much dried up for the day. But I push through it.

      Just because you aren't a paid member doesn't mean we other member's can't give a helping hand when possible.

    • Well. I did check the support page.  It said the number of downloads is 53.  Accounts above the limit may be banned.  So buying a month membership to download all courses may not be a good option. 

      Since we are all under quarantine, we have plenty of time to watch videos right now.  :)

    • Yup, on the topic of downloading a crap ton of videos/courses and just watching them... I really rather not do that since that would be taking away money from them. Anyways I managed to get a discount so I could buy a month (im gonna try to absorb as much knowledge as I can). But thanks for your sympathy blanchsb.

    • I have heard them saying you can do that. They wouldn't let you download if they were worried about it. I'm just talking about options. You can pic a few courses: save up for a month subscription and then during that month download the videos you want to work on......rinse and repeat. Just a thought.

  • Any idea where a better place would be to post this?

  • crew

    Hey xenoslaywright, interesting ideas. Some of which we've discussed here at the cookie, and tried in the distant past.

    Ads could be an option, though man do they wreck havoc on the experience. I'm not sure how we'd build/integrate an ad network into our existing video player. Though if we were to lean on YT, then members would lose progress reporting, and some of the other custom features.

    With individual courses selling on the for $40-50 I feel $30 to access hundreds of courses is a good deal, as you mentioned worth every penny if you're looking to dive into Blender. While recognizing $30 simply may not work for everyone. 

    I have been playing with a Hobby Plan at $19/mo. though If I read your other threads that may not work as it limits access to Live Streams and downloads.

    Love to chat further if you'd like, you can find me directly at

    Thank you for being part of this community, and bringing ideas to the table.