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Collab 2020: Modeling Heavy Equipment (Backhoe)

Accomplishing a BIG project TOGETHER

Starting in March 2020, I began a large stream project to model a comprehensive, highly-detailed Caterpillar 434E backhoe. Please watch the first stream (first 3 minutes of abridged version at least) for an overview.

It's a straight-forward project of building a complex model over an extended period of time. The spin on the project is that I want your help to accomplish it! If I build some parts and you build some parts, we will finish this thing much quicker. Plus the contribution format will include reviews, the potential of having your piece(s) assimilated into the final model. Not to mention large quantities of XP are at stake 🤑

NOTE: This is an involved project reserved for Citizen members.

Collaboration Details

The general idea is that I kickoff stages of the project via live stream, which is typically once per month. For the time in between streams, you choose a piece of the backhoe and apply what you learned from the stream to that piece. For example, the first stream covered initial block out. So between stream 1 and stream 2, your job is to pick a piece and block it out.

This is the repeating protocol for each Assignment Period (between-streams):

  1. Signing up for pieces of the model. I will be maintaining a Google Sheet to organize piece selection and grading. Following this URL will give you the ability to comment. The sheet is sectioned vertically and color-coordinated with a backhoe image. To sign up for a piece, right click on an empty cell below your desired piece section and click "Comment" (CTRL + ALT + M). Comment your name or username and I will fill it in officially as confirmation.

    Remember that it is OK for multiple people to model the same piece. But lets try to have at least one person assigned to each piece before doubling up.

    2. Project file structure. We're going to use Google Drive as a means to sync a single working directory among all contributors. See this thread about details and how to get set up.

    3. Submitting your piece for review. Exactly one week before the next stream is scheduled to be broadcast, your piece is due. In the "Attempt" cell of the spreadsheet, paste a download link to your .blend file via Dropbox, Google Drive, or equivalent hosting service. This will earn you at least 10 XP each week.

    4. Review. On stream I will review each submitted piece and decide which will be assimilated into the master model (in the case of multiple submissions of the same piece). The purpose of the review is to generate feedback for you work and advice for improvement.

    5. Assimilation. If your piece makes the cut and is assimilated into the master model, your name / username will be added to the object in Blender. You will go down in history as a definitive contributor to this epic backhoe model!

    Once the model is completely done, I plan to render a short demo reel showing off the model and crediting all contributors. It should be a rewarding conclusion to all the work we will do!

Assignment Prompts

I will reply to this thread after each stream with a [big] assignment post denoted by a  📣 emoji in the title. There I will clarify instructions about each Assignment Period.

Online Resources

Reference Images


This is THE thread

We will centralize our collaborative communication between the streams and this thread. Ask any and all questions pertaining to the Backhoe project here.

  • Isn't it so frustrating when you start modeling, but the reference isn't enough because you don't can't judge or exactly pin point proportions, placement, shapes, the photo is at a weird angle and you second and triple guess the way you lay a single vertex. It's like you want to start running but you can't get any traction because the floor is extremely slippery.

    • crew

      This is totally what I was [trying] to express in the last stream. Not knowing enough (or having enough of the right reference photos) is really hard to get moving in the creation process.  Soooo many times I'm all hyped up to begin modeling only to realize my reference is lacking 🙄

    • I have a new found deep appreciation for orthographic blueprints. Oh to trace the contours in exactly the right measure, from top, to left, to right, to bottom, no guess work, always sure of everything. And I also am more amazed everyone could model the DOG with just scavenging reference and piecing it all together by trial and error.

  • I guess it's like putting together one of those 5000-piece puzzles.  You know the picture is of a mountain valley, so this blue piece must be sky and it must go somewhere in the top of the picture, but you don't know exactly where - you only know that this other blue piece connects to it in just this way, and so does that piece, and this other piece; and only after putting a lot more of the puzzle together are you able to finally place it in exactly in its right spot in the big picture.

  • YouTube keeps recommending me videos. This one was helpful for seeing some parts of the interior I was having trouble putting together. Apologies if this has been posted before.

  • Hey Y'all Blender 2.90 is released and I have a pretty important question since I don't think we have ever done a project that has gone this long: theluthier so now that Blender 2.90 is out. Are we okay running our models through the new official release or is that going to pose any problems?

    Should we stick with 2.83 or does that even matter?

    • crew

      I'm glad you pose this question, Shawn. Personally I default to finishing existing projects within the Blender version it was created unless the new / alt version of Blender offers crucial features needed to complete the project.

      My only real concern with upgrading to 2.9 for the backhoe project is that we would all need to do it. If I updated the master assembly and a 2.83 contributor opens it, the data loss warning is bound to flash. Could cause confusion compared to sticking with 2.83.

      When this happens during my freelance projects we typically play around with the new version on non-production files to decide if we want to upgrade sooner or later. I'd recommend that for us too: Play with 2.9 for a week then decide if we all want to upgrade the project to 2.9.

    • I am going to change the name of folder for Blender 2.83 and same inside, before I ever download Blender 2.9. That way, I won't lose 2.83. 

      I still have Blender 2.79b on my PC, as I couldn't let it go.  

    • rritag I have at the moment 9 different Blender versions (two from before 2.8 and some experimental ones, like the Spectral Cycles Branch...)

      On Linux you don't even have to do anything special; you don't loose older versions when downloading a new one.

  • Today when I stood on my window and looked at the construction right next door, helloooo nurse

  • I'm almost ready to hit the eject button, I haven't been able to do much. Since I don't have a computer at home and I'm dependent on the one I use at work, the workload at the office has been crazy and every time I think I can work on the DOG, more stuff comes in, it's been constantly annoying. It's like pre-work to get to work but pre-work is never over. And worst yet they are opening late and closing early because only like 5% of the workforce has to go, everyone else is working remotely. And to think I also almost got the steering wheel part of the DOG, Kent must be clairvoyant.  

    I was able to get a really really crappy laptop and a TV that isn't even HD as a monitor to try and get something done in the weekend. There'll be no cooking, no nothing, only fast food and me and the crappy laptop and the crappy TV and hopefully I wont need to throw the towel. Remember Rocky didn't throw it and it got Apollo Creed killed? Well I aint throwing it either, sorry Apollo, no blonde Russian is going to beat me, cuz I aint loosing. Yeah.

  • We are submitting our progress on the google sheet #6 correct?

    I am not finished with the chair but I am loving the bottom portion just so much haha. I posted the link tonight to the google drive but I'm going to be working on it up to the live stream to be honest.  So many parts that go together so beautifully I just can't resist.

  • Here's an idea.... ready?...... Make #8 the last stream and the assignment there is everyone has to beautifully UV unwrap all their parts, leave them ready for who ever wants to do shading and texturing for the whole DOG. Yes? No? Maybe? Perhaps? I like it.

    • crew

      Honestly my first thought...

      😅 Lol mostly because I'm eager to close this first "chapter" of the DOG project and I feel like UVs could be a whole new can of worms. But I'll pitch your idea during the stream tomorrow and if people want to do it then I won't stop us!

    • I kinda enjoy UV unwrapping.

      Though I'm eager to finish up as well.

    • Personally, I'd go procedural for 97% of the model apart from some decal-like parts, which can probably be done without great unwrapping (mostly just Project from View or something like that).

      Can't honestly see much advantage in unwrapping everything, not because I don't like unwrapping or am too lazy to do it, of course.

    • Yes to procedural, I'm thinking more on the line of the used up, banged up, dirty look that would use lots of hand placed stuff. Though if the DOG is to be a super Pro ready asset, I think for it all to be a unwrapped is a must. But I think is true that maybe that's for a new phase of the project, we've been dong this for many months now, this phase should stop at modeling. Or maybe we should ask around, who does the UV'ing, the modeling department or the texturing department? I bet it's one of those things that neither wants to do and it gets shuffled around.

    • I think that a 'used up, banged up, dirty look' can be very effectively achieved with procedural textures (in the rigth hands of course..)

    • crew

      I'm with spikeyxxx , procedural all day. Not so sure it would be to difficult to unwrap, just time consuming.

      Dirt and dust etc. can be added with procedural. 

      Next chapter please.

      And I agree, not that I'm lazy either.

    • Yeah, I'm waiting to finish up some stuff so I can have time to watch that Thomas Nodevember course on the Blender Cloud. I hope I can level up my procedural game learning from that.  

    • crew

      Before this DOG project, I tried to model a car once before, wasn't very good, and often wanted to try again but never got to it.

      So thanks to theluthier for this collaboration, and all you guys and gals for the great information and teamwork.

      I have to mention in particular spikeyxxx for the wheel tutorial, blanchsb for the tutorials on everything anyone was stuck on, and I have to mention dostovel , for the motivation, the humour and for giving a high standard for us to rise to.

      I have learnt so much from this DOG by seeing the progress and insights on how you all work.

      Thank you 

      My award speech......

      What do you think......??

      Anyway wanted to share my second attempt at a car from what I have learned in the pound.

      It's not finished yet but it's getting there.....

      At least it has some spikey tyres.

      Just realised somethings not right.......

      The steering wheel is on the wrong side.

    • Hey hey hey  hey hey hey hey hey............. hey... Why is it our side the wrong side? Maybe your side is the wrong side. 

      You jeep is looking great. Reminds me of Jurassic Park. You should start putting all your models on the Blender Market. If one of them gets a sale... well if you think you have seen prolific Adrian wait until Adrian feels the rush of a sale.

    • Jeeps are close to my heart as is adrian2301. That looks just amazing Mr. Bellworthy. That steering wheel needs a decent Bell symbol where the horn goes in the center there. That needs to be top priority!

      I think everyone who touched this project has leveled up their modeling skills. Me included. If you don't believe me take a look at my gallery LOL.

      I at least feel like my hard surface and topology skills are getting much better over this year. Having said that I still see lots of hard surface stuff and think to myself "wow how did they do that?" Masterxeon is one of those people. Kent and Omar and Spikey fit that list too.

      It's been fun to work with people whose skills are leaps beyond mine and who provide support at such a detailed level. I remember Spikey helping me with topology on my piston assembly like it was only 6 months ago (wait it was!). Man this project has been going a while now that I think of it.

      I do wonder if people are getting to the point that they want to be done, especially with the modeling stage (though I feel like a glutten for punishment taking on the seat assembly in a whole new way haha).

      I for one wouldn't mind learning the UV unwrapping part on some of the more complex shapes, but procedural does seem to make sense to. And we all know Kent's a shader forgemaster. Just remember to spam fresnel and it'll look good, lol.

    • crew

      Brilliant adrian2301! I can't believe you've still got modeler's motivation after all the work you've done on the DOG! You must be a true *modeler* at heart.

      Your skills are undeniable: Meticulous, precise, and comprehensive. Keep up the awesome work, sir 👏

    • adrian2301 this car would be worth a tutorial 😀! How long did it take you to model this?

    • crew

      Thanks everyone

      theluthier I'm still motivated, I am really enjoying modelling vehicles, so much more satisfaction. I think I have found the meaning of life, or at least something I can do with mine.

      duerer this model I have been doing on and off for about 2 months, but if I added up the hours , 8 hours 5 days a week, probably no more than 2 weeks, don't know if that's fast or slow, either way I am enjoying it. Still a little more modelling for the interior, maybe a day at the most  Then shading and texturing, but I need some tutorials first on the subject. I have never been good at staying within the lines when colouring in.

      blanchsb what do you think of the logo....

    • Looks great 👍and the bell right there where it has to be 😀! I just imagine pressing this button in the center of the steering wheel and hearing a ringing bell instead of a car horn 😉.

    • That's a classy logo Adrian! The font is very fitting, I think.

    • adrian2301 the steering wheel isn't  on the wrong side. You just need to drive on the right side 😉.

      PS: An explanation for why the British are driving on the left side is that this dates back to the ages of knights. Imagine two knights opposing eac h other on a trail each with a sword in the right hand (since most people are right-handers). On which side of that trail do they need to be for a fight? And since the British are very aware of tradition, they've kept this with the car traffic 😉😁. I don't know whether this is the truth but I like  this image with the two knights opposing each other 😀.

    • spikeyxxx was this  what you were talking about when you made the comment about dot product in the stream?

    • crew

      That is probably true duerer 

      These days people wave their fist rather than a sword 

    • blanchsb exactly! I knew there was something wrong, but couldn't remember exactly how to solve it ;) I am as forgetful as Kent...

    • aadrian  I really like that symbol. I wonder if you could add like a ring effect to the bell and offset the clapper from the center? Add like some squiggle lines coming from either the clapper or the bowl. Ultimately it is your symbol and your staple so make it the way you want haha. You'll be able to use it as a nice stamp on your projects from here on out.

      (if you need help with the names of these parts this helped me describe them)

    • crew

      adrian2301 Dude that bell is *CLASSY* sir! Personally I think it's perfect: Simple, elegant, recognizable. A bell has the potential to be overly complex as a symbol but you've nailed a balance imo. I wish my name worked in a symbol as well as yours!

  • Feel free to make suggestions or revisions on my chair. 

    In my Google Drive, please ignore files starting with Z. 

    Below, both are same. 

    File:  00 - Cab 02 .blend  

    File: 00 - Cab 02 .blend1 

    • crew

      rritag I'm so confused...I just downloaded both files (.blend and .blend1) and experienced the same issue as yesterday: Files open with numerous collections and the outliner returns zero results for "rita" or "chair".....

    • Kent Trammell (theluthier)  Sorry for delay to reply. I'm caught up with many things in my life. You may have to get anyone to take over file from me. 

      Here is the file in link below. It is editable. Because my PC only has 4GB RAM, others' collections in my file are deleted so to work faster on chair on that many RAM. So you may have to go to file and append collection "Chair by Rita" which is highlighted in the outine property as in photo below.  

    • It looks excellent from here, Rita!  

      Real Life getting in peoples' way again - always a pain.  Glad you've stuck with it this far. :)

    • Jake, you can say that again. Our next door neighbour's wall has been knocked down by County Council's bulldozers & backhoes few days ago.  Wall was over 300 years old and now it is gone. Once they have neighbours' properties demolished, they'd be onto ours next and my family and I are fiercely resisting them. We are giving County Council as much headache as possible and we are giving them hell. 

    • I love historic architecture and buildings and support everybody defending his/her home: Petition signed. Best wishes and prayers for you and your family!

    • Ingmar Franz (duerer)  thank you for signing petition, and also for your wishes and prayers.  A lot of people have been praying for us and so we are getting strong. Fate seems to be working in our favour. Government is getting afraid of us now, as our case is highlighting their highest level of corruption. People around us are losing faith in the government and its senators. 

    • People around us are losing faith in the government and its senators.  

      Sounds very familiar to me. We have here in Germany the second largest parliament in the world right after China with actually more than 700 deputies which could rise to even over 800. And while many companies and self-employed people are running into bankrupcy and a giant insolvency wave is already visible on the horizon, the German health minister Jens Spahn, a well known pharmaceutical lobbyist, buys a villa in Berlin for 4 million Euro (plus around 1 million for renovation) and threatens legal actions against journalists who name the price which of course has only a Streisand effect. Meanwhile more than 80 non-party  initiatives have been initiated in Germany, Austria and Switzerland under the name "querdenken" (= thinking crossways) in order to protest peacefully (I'm an eyewitness!) for their democratic rights and for governments who are servants of the people as the true sovereign and not for a rich "elite". I could write a separate blog about this since this is not the right place here and I don't want to expand it further at this place. But doing artwork brings me joy and power 😀.

    • crew

      rritag keep up the good fight! I sincerely hope your family's home and shop is spared.

      PS: This time the file is right - I can see your chair shaping up very well! You're accomplishing the contours wonderfully. Don't fret at all if you have to stop working on it. Such a decision is more than understandable.

    • How do you even pronounce Geraghty? Strange word. 

      Where I live I'm surrounded by old stuff from 500 years ago when the Spaniards came and killed everyone. I think it's protected by all man kind heritage or something like that, they can't destroy it. 

    • Kent Trammell (theluthier)  Thank you very much for your support.  

      Omar Domenech (dostovel) Geraghty is pronounced GUR-raa-tee. First syllable as in girl, second as in rat and third, tea. It is an very ancient surname belonging to a Celtic warrior clan who were once kings, princes, lords, etc. They lost all their castles and aristocracy back in 16th century, when they fought against Oliver Cromwell's troops. After their losses to invaders, they fought on as rebels and freedom fighters. Geraghty is an anglicised version of MagOireachtaigh.

    • Kent Trammell (theluthier) I will continue modelling as long as I imagine myself sitting inside a stolen backhoe belonging to County Council and me crashing into their buildings, especially homes belonging to corrupt politicans and investors.  No worries, they will NEVER get our place, not with protestors squatting inside and chaining themselves to the place. It will be years before they get us out..  

  • crew

    blanchsb Sorry I ended the stream which prevents anyone from posting comments (unless you still had the page open). You asked:

    So are we doing our own shading then or waiting for the next stream?

    There's no obligation for anyone to work on shading. The only expectation is for contributors to 100% complete modeling their cab part. By drifting into the topic of shading I was simply giving a demo of what I plan to do for rendering the reel; a conceptual look at showcasing a model in the best light.

    Only play around with shading if you want to and if you have time after modeling your part.

  • Sad day today. I need to send my Scrappy Lappy: "Lonestar Lenovo" in for repairs. There were some dead pixels on screen (that was not a deal breaker) and recently my fan has been dying. Now it is making terrible noises. So, I called my warrantee company and am sending it in for 7-10 business days (hopefully) for repair. I have a work laptop so hopefully it is up to the task but I may be living in Omar's world for the next 2 weeks minimum as I try to work on the seat from another laptop. Wish me luck chaps!

    • This chaps wishes you luck. I really need to buy a computer but I'm still so undecided.

    • Good luck, blanchsb. I'm sure that you'll succeed 😀! 

      PS: dostovel you just wrote post number 1200. Only 77 posts left and our "Backhoe" thread will be the number 1 here on

    • Oh no - I have cursed everyone with my hardware woes!  

      I now have a working computer once again but the project is so close to done that there's nothing left for me to jump in and contribute; it seems everyone's work is for the most part done, or close to done, and every part of the Dog is taken care of.  That's okay, I'm happy to have done the work I did - that was so much fun, I really enjoyed this project and I can't wait to see what the next one will be like!  Meantime I've started working through Wayne's animation flow.

    • jjakeblended That's good news from your side 😀! And I can reassure you: Not everyone's computer here is cursed 😉. I'm trying my luck with sculpting and animating theluthier 's Piero.

    • Thanks Pound crew. I feel the love. Such a fun team to be a part of to be honest. I feel like we have grown to know one another here at the Cookie as members because of this project.

      That is worth the price of admission!

    • crew

      I feel like we have grown to know one another here at the Cookie as members because of this project.

      I agree 100%. Before classes and the DOG collab I never felt like I knew members here. I recognized a handful of usernames but no actual familiarity. And that was after 4-5 years at CGC...Now I've got legitimate online friends up in here! Talking Blender, developing inside jokes, talking real life. It's a cool thing. COOL THING I say!

      PS: Tis a real bummer about the hardware woes. Makes me look down at Linux Luke to say a little jedi prayer that he keeps up the good fight.

    • Speaking of inside jokes and Jedi.

      There were two Jedi's sitting down to eat and the one told the other excitedly:
      (Jedi #1) "I didn't know that Yoda had a last name!"
      (Jedi #2) "Neither did I?!? ..........What is it?"
      (Jedi #1) "Lay He Who!"

      (If you have trouble just try saying the full name aloud........... and it may only be an American joke, haha. As Yoda would say: "See we shall")

    • I just got "The Google" installed on my work PC and it is syncing tonight. Blender is already there heh heh. I'm going to miss some of my add-ons though. Gonna try to get my default layout set back up. You don't know how much you love it until you don't have it anymo

    • crew

      Lol I'm giggling from the Yoda joke 😆 Glad to hear you're interim PC is synced! Lemme know how long it takes to open the assembly file ha

    • crew

      Now I've got legitimate online friends up in here! Talking Blender, developing inside jokes, talking real life. It's a cool thing. COOL THING I say!

      theluthier , It's a good feeling being apart of a special group of friends, long may it last after this project ends.

      I was struggling with the joke blanchsb , I was wondering if maybe it was an American joke,

      Then I said the full name out load......... I think the neighbours may have heard 🤣

  • crew

    Just been mole'n the master file, looking great.

    aartifact are you still with us?

    I noticed you hadn't updated your file for a while. If I remember correctly your engine enclosure needed some touch up, tightening up some edges.

    If you haven't got the time or any other issues , I can look at it for you if you like.

  • crew

    theluthier , we receive an error message when opening the master file. I seems like it is to do with the broken linked file highlighted below.

    It is missing the location folder at the start of the location address (//MASTER_Parts\..... ) it's looking for the chassis collection in the same folder as the master file and not the master parts folder. The chassis collection has been linked in with the link above this one so the broken link can be removed.

    The other error is the same problem, it's for a material in that broken link.

    • crew

      Strange. At the end of last week I also noticed that duerer 's rear axle master file ended up in my root Google Drive directory which google tells me isn't even a shared directory 🤔

      I'm trying to work out this issue now and running into trouble. I can't seem to delete nor relocate the offending library because it's "indirectly linked:

      As far as I can tell something is using a material from within that file. Yet even setting the users to zero doesn't appear to solve the issue...

      I'll continue trying to figure it out. Though at worst, if it doesn't go away, it doesn't appear to be consequential to anything. Just a minor annoyance to get a warning and know a linked library is broken.

    • crew

      My latest theory is that one of the MASTER files has an object that's linking the the "Steel_bolts" material from the chassis master file that's in the wrong directory. Unfortunately since most MASTER files are using the chassis (due to it being the backbone of the whole DOG) I'm afraid the only way to fix this error is to remove the stray material. 

      I say "unfortunate" because each file would need to be checked 😵  Blender doesn't make the tracing of an "indirect library link" very easy. For rendering I will ultimately delete all materials from the master files anyway, applying my own. I suppose at the very worst that's when the problem will be solved.

    • crew

      It's probably in my chassis file.

      I'll hunt done this stray dog and impound it.

    • crew

      adrian2301 If you change the outliner to "Data API" in the assembly file and navigate to the materials, you'll see several "Steel_bolts" materials. One of them is from the wrong-directory-chassis blend and it only has one user:

      THAT user is the culprit according to my theory. It'd be a weird problem to happen in your correct chassis file..but worth checking I suppose.

    • crew

      theluthier I found the stray dog, I'm afraid I was too late, had to put it down.

      Found it in the swing frame file, when I did the hydraulics I originally had the collection in the chassis file and then moved it into the swing frame file after I finished.

      I went back to the master to see it was now zero users but still had the error. 

      So I did what you said in the live stream, I added a cube and allocated the material to it and shift x'ed it in the material panel, saved the file and reverted it and hey presto, vanished , no errors.

    • crew

      No way! How many files did you have to open till you found the poor pup?

      Honestly I'm impressed you found it. I'd already given up for the day 😅

    • crew

      I found it straight away.

      I added a cube, so I could select a material and using text search for 'Steel_bolts' it lists the linked files using that material and it had the chassis and the swing frame listed.

      So then went to the swing frame and removed the material.

      Must of become a stray when I moved the collection to the swing frame from the chassis.

    • crew

      Up here for dancing.....

      No that's not right

      Down here for dancing, Up here for thinking.

    • crew

      I found it straight away.

      😳 .... 😅 I knew I picked the right MOLE for the job! One thing I did notice is that the assembly file was saved with 2.9. Shoudln't be a big deal, just something I'll make sure to mention in the next livestream. Either way, 2.83 or 2.9, it's probably best if we all use the same version on this project (which is 2.9 now)

    • crew

      ooops!!! Wasn't thinking. Can you open in 2.83 then resave it??

    • crew

      The warning makes me think it's better not to. It would probably be fine but it's surely not a good practice. Given the complexity I don't want to risk a weird bug or hiccup in the scene/linking/data going back and forth.

      Don't worry though! Our DOG is officially a 2.9 project 👌👍

  • crew

    spikeyxxx and aartifact , [Q] for each of you.

    There is a section within the cab front window which I think the steering console and engine enclosure should possibly line up with, is this something you could achieve with your parts?? and theluthier how easy would it be for you to adjust this part if needed??

    I've tried to show some shape to these parts in the right image below which might help. spikeyxxx there seems to be a fairly sharp turn as the steering console nears the window. And aartifact the top of the engine enclosure seems to curve down to the window, if you could move this part forward to line up with the sloped part of the chassis (left image) this should give enough room to add the curve.

    theluthier it maybe that you will need to narrow this part in the X direction, depending on spikeyxxx and aartifact 's thought's on this.

  • crew

    Haven't worked on the BIG DOG for a while, thought I would do a bit today.

    Done the hand rails and mirrors, and started the interior.

    blanchsb you have set the standard for chairs, there is two in this dog. Not sure they will be as good as yours.

  • theluthier We only have the ability to add comments on the cells of the workbook. I don't see how I am able to attach images or change colors. Perhaps I will just make a comment on the next cell down for the Loose end I have found?

  • 50 reply, that's too much reading so I'm going to assume it's all about donuts and Doritos. 

    I'm having trouble here and there...

    Firstly I hope that gap at the door is enough, it's hard to get reference that shows that part.

    Then comes this part...

    You can see in the 3d model that lever is occluded by the tower thing and is not in real life, but I think the tower thing goes more to the left. If you see at the base in real life the space seems wider. 

    And then...

    I can't get that part to go all the way to the wall like in real life. If I make the model wider for it to reach the back then the part looks nothing like the real life one, the shape gets way too big and wide and looses all resemblance. And I can't push the whole thing further back since it is already all the way it can go as seen in the image below.

    • crew
      1. I think there's enough room for the door entry on the starboard side. Thanks for rearranging that part of the model. I'm sure it wasn't the easiest thing to do. 🤝

      2. You make a good point about the rear control columns. I will move them inward a bit to avoid intersection with your console

        3. The space between the console and the interior wall is a funky one..I think there's two potential improvements that could be made. First is the right wing of your console rotating backward toward the window and stretching a little. Second I think the controls could be scaled up to compensate for the stretch space and match the reference a bit better.

    • crew

      theluthier I think you should add this to the spreadsheet for loose ends, so dostovel can earn some extra doritos.

    • Thank you for taking the time to illustrate that with a gif. Will be doing just that as soon as I can.

  • crew

    aartifact , I'm getting a little concerned.

     Any chance you can post a WIP to the WIP folder on Google Drive. So spikeyxxx and theluthier can see the direction your heading in regards to the shape connection to the window frame.

    If you haven't set up Google Drive for the Dog Pound have a look at this

  • adrian2301 Poring over my references, I'm unsure how the enclosure curves down towards the window. From the below perspective, it seems a pretty sharp fall off. I've highlighted the area in green below.

  • Check below image without the highlights.