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Collab 2020: Modeling Heavy Equipment (Backhoe)

Accomplishing a BIG project TOGETHER

Starting in March 2020, I began a large stream project to model a comprehensive, highly-detailed Caterpillar 434E backhoe. Please watch the first stream (first 3 minutes of abridged version at least) for an overview.

It's a straight-forward project of building a complex model over an extended period of time. The spin on the project is that I want your help to accomplish it! If I build some parts and you build some parts, we will finish this thing much quicker. Plus the contribution format will include reviews, the potential of having your piece(s) assimilated into the final model. Not to mention large quantities of XP are at stake 🤑

NOTE: This is an involved project reserved for Citizen members.

Collaboration Details

The general idea is that I kickoff stages of the project via live stream, which is typically once per month. For the time in between streams, you choose a piece of the backhoe and apply what you learned from the stream to that piece. For example, the first stream covered initial block out. So between stream 1 and stream 2, your job is to pick a piece and block it out.

This is the repeating protocol for each Assignment Period (between-streams):

  1. Signing up for pieces of the model. I will be maintaining a Google Sheet to organize piece selection and grading. Following this URL will give you the ability to comment. The sheet is sectioned vertically and color-coordinated with a backhoe image. To sign up for a piece, right click on an empty cell below your desired piece section and click "Comment" (CTRL + ALT + M). Comment your name or username and I will fill it in officially as confirmation.

    Remember that it is OK for multiple people to model the same piece. But lets try to have at least one person assigned to each piece before doubling up.

    2. Project file structure. We're going to use Google Drive as a means to sync a single working directory among all contributors. See this thread about details and how to get set up.

    3. Submitting your piece for review. Exactly one week before the next stream is scheduled to be broadcast, your piece is due. In the "Attempt" cell of the spreadsheet, paste a download link to your .blend file via Dropbox, Google Drive, or equivalent hosting service. This will earn you at least 10 XP each week.

    4. Review. On stream I will review each submitted piece and decide which will be assimilated into the master model (in the case of multiple submissions of the same piece). The purpose of the review is to generate feedback for you work and advice for improvement.

    5. Assimilation. If your piece makes the cut and is assimilated into the master model, your name / username will be added to the object in Blender. You will go down in history as a definitive contributor to this epic backhoe model!

    Once the model is completely done, I plan to render a short demo reel showing off the model and crediting all contributors. It should be a rewarding conclusion to all the work we will do!

Assignment Prompts

I will reply to this thread after each stream with a [big] assignment post denoted by a  📣 emoji in the title. There I will clarify instructions about each Assignment Period.

Online Resources

Reference Images


This is THE thread

We will centralize our collaborative communication between the streams and this thread. Ask any and all questions pertaining to the Backhoe project here.

  • Hey guys, I've been trying to update my cab and I've made such a mess. I'm out of time to turn this in. I haven't slept since I got back. I went to the dr and am on new meds so I hope I can get back on track. But, as for the cab. Its toast I've been trying for the last to days to fix the errors that Kent talked about in the stream. All I've done is made a big fat mess.  I get one thing corrected save and restart Blender only to come back to the mess again and seems like more errors. I'm not giving up, just saying, that in my frustration things just get worse. I'm back to redoing the cab all over again. 

    • Hey Karen. I'm so sorry you are having technical issues and sleep issues. Those are just the worst. But don't worry. Maybe we can sort this out for the next stream. I'm willing to help look into what is exactly happening.

      Let's try just adding some crazy large object and saving the WIP copy to see if the server updates the save. If not perhaps we can do a Zoom or something and try to figure out what is going on. I might have some time during an evening next week during my vacay. Or perhaps @theluthier or adrian2301 may be able to comment if they see anything crazy going on.

      I will be on the road for the next 3 days so I won't be available until I arrive to our destination.

    • Oh and Congratulations Karen. You just helped us tip the forum over to #9!

      As a celebration let's take a moment to reflect on number 9 and it's Amazing Properties!

    • crew

      I'm sorry to hear about the tech issues and lack of sleep ketre. Don't stress over the cab! You probably noticed that I went ahead and finished the cab I started - Not for lack of quality from you or bhavesh. But just because I realized there was significant burden on the cab to be right and comprehensive for the sake of all the interior parts and I didn't want to you or bhavesh to carry it.

      So if you're tired of futzing with the cab, you can jump to an interior part for a new challenge if you want. Or simply take a break, get your sleep in order, and finish the cab another day if you want to conquer it!

    • Thanks that takes a lot off me. I have now had 4 nights of sleep. I started working on it yesterday and pretty much redid the whole thing lol. It looks way better. Also I've no clue how to make those door hinges.

    • Also I'm trying to figure out how to get it uploaded to the drive...

  • crew

    Dear DOG POUND:

    Paternity leave was awesome, heaps of family / baby time! But now I'm back and hyped to finish our DOG with all my heart. Today I'm going to catch up on outstanding communications / questions. Hopefully we can all be synced-up in time for the stream next week.

  • Hello friends! It's been a while, I know - sorry about disappearing like that!  But it really couldn't be helped. Long story short, my computer is dead. The motherboard or the processor this time. I've been completely without a computer at all for the last couple of months; I haven't even been able to watch the streams. 

    I've finally gotten hold of like a third-hand laptop which is great in that at least I have the internet again, but this thing isn't remotely capable of Blendering. What this means is, I can't continue participating in the backhoe project. :(

    I haven't been able to follow what you guys have been doing in my absence but if it's not too late, please feel free to use what I've made so far in any way you can; consider it CC0. I'm glad to have contributed what I did while a could and even though I can't help anymore, I'm still excited to watch the thing be finished. In a couple more months hopefully I'll be able to get a new capable system and be back in it for the next big thing here!  Keep at it everyone, almost done! 

  • This is the one thousand and first reply 😀! And the honour for the 1000th reply goes to spikeyxxx 😀🥇🏆!

    • Congratulations duerer!

      I should have waited and get the 1001th reply myself.

      Not only does 1001 have the beautiful factorization: 7 * 11 * 13,

      but also, 1001 being 10³+1, it is closely related to 10-1, also known as 9, which is the page number!

      How are they related you ask? Well, I won't bore you with all the details (higher number theory which would take too long to explain), but think of how we can test if a number is divisible by 9 by adding all the digits (this is due to 9 being 10-1) and how we can test if a number is divisible by 7, 11, or 13 by alternatingly subtracting and adding the digits in groups of 3.

      (Compare that with testing if a number is divisible by 11 (10+1!) by alternatingly subtracting and addding the digits...)

      Again: for me 1001 is a lot more beautiful than 1000 (which is about as boring as a number can get), especially on page 9.

    • Okay, one more, less obvious connection between 1001 and 9:

      Take the multiplicative inverse of the divisors of 1001:

      1/7 = 0.142857....(these six digits repeat after that, forever)

      1/11 = 0.09.....(repeating)

      1/13 = 0.076923,,,,(repeating).

      Now add the first half of the repeating digits to the second half (so, for instance: 1+8, 4+5 and 2+7) and you get 9999999.... (infinitely many)

    • Wow, spikeyxxx, I wasn't aware of these implications! I like these numbers games very much! 

      Are you a mathematician or at least a numberphile? Then you certainly know the "Numberphile"-Youtube-channel, where I've found a practical use for mathematics concerning the big brother of a cookie, the cake:

    • duerer I studied mathematics for 2 years back in 1985 or so. I know the Numberphile channel; fun to watch; although they're (of course) just scratching the surface, it can get me 'in the mood' for more...

    • spikeyxxx One thing I haven't fully understood and which concerns Blender and animations are quaternions. I remember an article in the "Blender Art" magazine Nr. 31 about rotations and escpecially quaternions (imho the best explanation I've found so far) and the Blender foundation's DVD about rigging. But I still haven't fully understood it and searched the internet for explanatory videos which are still blowing my mind and definitively need a deeper insight into mathematics..

    • duerer I agree that quaternions (although they are just an extension of the complex numbers and therefore not that difficult)

      are usually explained really bad, mostly talking about a 4 dimensional hypersphere, like that is something we are all familiar with, but you could start here:

      Not the best explanation either, (spoiler. a much beter version is on the way!) but something to at least get a different perspective... (I didn't re-read them, because I'd probably be too ashamed...)

    • Thanks, spikeyxxx, for the links 😀! You've pointed exactly to a problem that I've encountered so often: the confusing explanations. I have two videos on my "To-watch-list":

      1. Fantastic Quaternions - Numberphile

      2. Visualizing quaternions (4d numbers) with stereographic projection

      But I haven't done it yet, maybe also due to bad experiences with cryptic explanations from people who are surely very intelligent but for some reasons aren't able to explain it well to non-mathematicians. And believe me, I don't give up quickly. It's just that these people don't give proper definitions of the terms they're using. And that's when I stop the video.

    • I too am a science enthusiast, which I should've studied in college and not Advertisement. Why does society have us pick what we are going to do for the rest of our lives when we are just 16 year old kids. Of course you're more likely to mess your choice up, you're just a kid.

    • I was 15 and I never pursued my dream because I was too short 😢 I would never have dreamed I’d be so into computers tho, I was in my 40s when I got it btw. But as soon as I learned how.   self taught on so many levels I knew graphics was my true dream. 

      Your never too old to learn!

    • As far as math and what you guys are saying...yall be talking in a foriegn lingo to me🤣

    • Too short? You wanted to play basketball? or maybe a professional light bulb installer without a ladder.

    • Shoot I have a hard time reaching items in the bottom of our top cabinets🤣😖

    • It's a kind of self-fulfilling prophecy. If you tackle a challenge with positive thinking, you'll find a way to succeed (as long as you don't try to win a broad jump tournament with a broken leg or something like this, of course).  

      With the words of CG artist William Vaughan:

      " Actually, the one thing you need to go past is simply the way you think.
      It's my experience that most people have a can't-do attitude, especially when
      it comes to learning new things. When I say most people, I'm not limiting
      that to artists new to 3D. I witness this on just about every forum online
      and at the industry shows I attend. Most people assume that things are not
      possible, they are too dfficult, or special software/hardware is needed to solve
      the problem. I always suggest a different approach.
      It may sound cliché, but the power of positive thinking goes a long way when
      working in this industry. Every day you'll be asked to tackle the impossible,
      and if you go in with the attitude of can do, you'll be able to see the task to
      completion. If your attitude is not possible, you will most likely not complete
      the task. It's called a self-fulfilling prophecy."

      (William Vaughan: Digital modeling, page 16)

    • crew

      I knew it, I thought I could see a resemblance, spikeyxxx is related to my mate Albert, you know the one, Einstein, I think.

    • I kinda jumped into immediately reading the quote and assumed it was from Socrates times; "I'm not limiting that to artists new to 3D" I was like WAIT WHAT!? Socrates used computers!?

    • dostovel Yes, the old Greeks were already very progressive 😉😁! The science history books have to be rewritten!

    • crew

      Socrates had a computer, he played Fifa football on it.

      By the way, talking of geniuses, two separate replies, I've just posted, but related to each other by the fact that the brilliant Brazillian football player Socrates died in Albert Einstein Israelite Hospital in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

    • I just googled that, there was indeed a football player named Socrates and died in Albert Einstein. I also googled to see if Albert Einstein died in Socrates, but no, Princeton Medical Center. What a waste.

    • duerer about those two videos on your to-watch list: the first one (Numberphile) is great, but I'd avoid the second one if I were you (haven't seen that one, so...); that's a 4d hypersphere one that will probably just confuse you and saying in the title that a quaternion is a 4d number is complete and utter nonsense: there are no 4d numbers. Numbers have dimension 0 when they have a dimension at all. Like a point in 3D space; the point is not a 3 dimensional point! It is a point in 3D space!

    • Thank you, spikeyxxx, for the watch recommendation.  The second one looks indeed already complicated in the preview image although I like it from an aesthetic point of view 😉.

      PS:  spikeyxxx Could I say that a complex number can be visualized as a point in 2-D space with one coordinate beeing the real part and the other the imaginery part? And the quaternion would then be "visualized" 😉 as a point in 4D-space on a 4D-hypersphere?

    • Could I say that a complex number can be visualized as a point in 2-D space with one coordinate beeing the real part and the other the imaginery part?

      Absolutely! But remember that this 2D space is not a subspace of our known 3D space; it takes 1 dimension from our 3D space (the real part) and one from another, imaginary space.

      And the quaternion would then be "visualized" 😉 as a point in 4D-space on a 4D-hypersphere?

      NO! (Technically: I could say that, but I wouldn't(, because it is very likely to be misunderstood and nobody knows what a 4D hypersphere looks like anyway) and you can't say that...)

      It can be seen as a point in a 4 dimensional space, but that is not our 3D plus one more dimension (something like spacetime is our 3D world plus one...)!

      It is an imaginary 3D space plus one real dimension!

      To say something like: "A complex number is a 2D number" (and I know I've said that myself...)is actually short for something like: "A complex number is an element of C (the collection of complex numbers) and C is homeomorph to R (the collection of real numbers) * R = R² and can therefor be represented as a 2 dimensional vector."

      Homeomorph here means that there exists a one-to-one mapping between the two.

      In (mathematical) topology we say that for instance a  donut is homeomorph to a coffeecup (you can think of topology as 'geometry without a distance'. If two points are 'connected' in one, then they are 'connected' in the other), although they are obviously not the same (try pouring coffee in a donut...).

      My advice: Do not try to visualize a quaternion and save yourself a truckload of problems!

    • Thank you, spikeyxxx, for these precise explanations. Although it's certainly no easy subject, it's makes me curious and I wish  to know more about it because I don't only want to push buttons but understand what I'm doing there. Quaternions are certainly worth to be  treated in their own thread.

    • To be clear: you normally would never try to visualize a number (if you feel the urge to do that, then that is probably a left-over urge from when you first learned about numbers by counting buttons or apples or cakes or sheep...which results in  a really clumsy way of adding two integers (counting five apples, counting three apples, putting them together on one heap and counting them again) and getting ridiculous as soon as you get negative numbers...or fractions: divide one cake by four people, WTF! Then how do I divide two bananas by three carrots or one apple by seven sins? No wonder children have problems with learning to calculate...), say you have to calculate 5 * 3, you don't imagine two points on a line, representing 3 and 5 respectively, now do you? And how would you visualize the multiplication?

      The only reason we do that (visualizing numbers) with the complex numbers is to show that a multiplication in C describes a rotation and therefore a 2D rotation can be described as a multiplication of complex numbers. Once you understand that, it is a 'small' step to understand that a 3D rotation can be described by the multiplication of quaternions (again: quaternions are numbers!).

  • Hmmm, let me check when's the livestream going to.....

  • crew

    [Q] do we we need to submit our part this month on the google sheet?? as we have the shared file on google drive is there a need to?? 

  • crew

    aartifact I've just saved a new version of the master assembly file with your engine enclosure collection linked. It's looking really nice! Contours are crisp and seem quite accurate to the real thing.

    I only spotted one intersection with adrian2301's engine on the starboard side:

  • I'm glad Kent made the Google Drive folder for the files, if it had been up to me I'd probably make 4 different folders for the files to live in and name them after the Hogwarts houses. And then Kent in the livestream would be like, Adrian Engine will be in...... Griffindoroooorf!

  • crew

    I have made some progress with the hydraulics around the swing frame today, jjakeblended achieved a good stage, only maybe some tweaks here and there, and finish the hydraulics.

  • crew

    Adjusted the shape of the hooks to fit the digger arm. Just need to add the cable and lever. Not a great deal to do with the swing frame, I will take a closer look over the next day or two, but probably just applying some modifiers and done.

    theluthier , do you remember any feedback you gave jjakeblended previously, or Jake if your listening, do you know of anything that was on the to do list??

    It looks pretty good to me.

    • crew

      Connecting hydraulic cables from the digger arm (or to the digger arm rather) was the only thing on my list. If you're already done with that then we'll call it done! Unless Jake knows something I don't.

      Thanks for carrying the baton on this one adrian2301 🤜🤛

  • crew

    Nice touch blanchsb

    I'm gonna need that bell logo.

    • crew

      Do you think this will work on the dog....

    • crew

      I wondered what that pig was about! Should have guessed it was blanchsb's calling card. I like it. If copyright wasn't an issue I'd recommend this one adrian2301:

    • DOG GOD theluthier ( and Masters of Loose Ends blanchsb and adrian2301 ):

      You didn't comment on my wheels during the stream, maybe they were too hidden; they are in my front axle file but in a separate Collection (Master_wheels_SPIKEYXXX).

      I don't know if you want to use them, but if not, I think they are at the right position (also no intersection with the Fenders) and size (they need to have enough room to steer!). If you are sticking with rryzen7 's version, then maybe he can adjust the position (size?) a bit, otherwise we'd have to adjust the fenders and I would have to change my housing and probably the front axle ad who knows what more...

      If you want to use mine, then let me know, so that I can put some text and so on them;)

      Or maybe you even want to separate hub and tire?

      duerer good morning. Ask Adrian where you hydraulic lines for the steering should go or just put them next to where mine go.

    • theluthier this got a bit lost in the chat, but I'd like to volunteer for the steering column.

      And don't forget that the back window can be opened:

    • crew

      Ok it's 10:30 BST here. Glad you all arrived on time at 8am ESP. Even those who haven't arrived yet.

    • adrian2301 I was here already at 8 a.m. CEST 😉. For the wiring of the rear axle, I've only found this drawing:

      It fits to this image (look at box "A"):

      But it doesn't fit to this reference image from Kent's collage:

    • Makes sense that it should go to the steering column!

      I will have to redirect mine;)

    • crew

      That's where those two axle lines go. What a find duerer

    • crew

      spikeyxxx Absolutely we should use your wheels. I just saved a SPIKEYXXX_dog-434e_wheels_MASTER.blend. However it appears that they don't align with the rear hubs. Spikey, if you could duplicate the front wheels to the back and duerer if you could adjust your axle to align with Spikey's wheels, I'll link them into the master assembly and check that off the list!

    • Lol, nice catch Adrian! Yeah I wanted to put my brand on my personal masterpiece. It is probably the best work I have done and wanted to etch it for all time.

      We want to be able to tell your bell logo from afar so I would say a simple version of your picture, or even a CowBell! or the Liberty Bell, or the BellWorthy Bell. Put your own flare on it!

      Definitely needs to be on the engine and the stereo though.

    • theluthier and duerer duplicated my front wheels.

      Do not take my word for it that they are correctly placed though! Please double check that! According to that basic blueprint drawing they should be more inward. I know I had a very good reason for placing them the way they are, but I can't remember what drawing I used for that. I think I might have used that blueprint and adjusted the scale of the drawing according to some known measurements from the official brochure...

      Anyway: check and double-check before making any complicated adjustments!

    • theluthier just saw that you made a Wheels file for me in the Drive..Put my wheels in there and removed them from my axle file, so we don't get confused;)

    • crew

      Yes duerer I noticed you here at 8am, we all arrive at 8am ESP.

      The lines you modelled I think are hydraulics for power steering, the other lines that go to the cab are probably electrical cable for a sensor or something. On your last image above they attach to the left (just in shot at the top of the image) above the round bit. The middle image of the three above are of front and rear axles and are completely different, Before this project I would have modelled one axle and duplicated it for the other, how wrong would that be. But as you can tell I'm no expert. As mentioned previously how far do you go, is it absolutely necessary??

      spikeyxxx your lines you mentioned before are the hydraulics and are positioned correctly. You probably have sensor wires some where also, a machine like this DOG will have sensors all over the place, not just the normal engine monitoring on a normal road vehicle.

      I am as I said no expert, but I have worked on cars, stripped engines and that sort of stuff in my youth, so I know what I am looking at but couldn't tell you technical terms for everything.

      I think that's what helped in modelling the engine, when I started it I was more concerned with my modelling skills than the engine itself. Knowing something about what you are modelling definitely helps. As theluthier would agree when sculpting a human head, knowing the anatomy of a face will help enormously. I would say the same for hard surface modelling, I would say it's not vital to know everything but the more you know how it works or what it does will improve the process and understanding of how it all fits together, especially on a project like this.

    • crew

      ESP - Extra Sensory Perception, we can perceive any time we like in our minds.

  • I've tried to model the Philips screw with quads only, but I still need to solve an issue with holding edges running into the screw's round head rim:

    Is shrinkwrapping the solution and if so, how do I need to set it up without causing distortions in other areas? I haven't yet smoothed the sharp edges which I want to do by beveling them.

    File is here.

    • I will give the Philips head a go, but I can tell you already that Shrinkwrapping is not the way to go.

      My guess is that it will be easiest to also not use a Subsurf on it, because you'll be creating so much geometry with all the holding edges and thinking of the size of those  screws it's probably better to keep it simple if you know what I mean...

    • This is what I would do, unless it's for a hero shot:

      and then extrude and scale the middle cross to get something like this:

      You can still add some bevels if necessary, of course.

    • crew

      A 20-sided circle is perfect for solving the n-gons! Nice upgrade spikeyxxx

    • This also allows for making it into a 'pozidriv' (had to look up that name):

      Some homework for the bored...(Guess I actually made a Frearson there...)

    • spikeyxxx You're right with avoiding the "Subsurf Modifier" because handling the holding edges so that they don't distort you the round head rim is difficult if not impossible. So, given that a screws manufacturer would please you to model that screw for a close-up shot, you would simply double to a 40-vertices-circle?

      PS: I'm wondering what the special benefits oft the different screw head types are from the overview presented by spikeyxxx 🤔?

    • you would simply double to a 40-vertices-circle?

      Yes, probably;)

    • According to the screw types sheet above, a Philips head should be more something like:


    • Hm, I'm wondering which Philip gave his name for this screw 😉 or was it the Dutch company Philips 🤔?

    • So, it's actually a Thomson screw 😉.

    • That is a great update Spikey. I was going to mention the circular center but you beat me to it. What an elegant design choice. If I were trying to tackle these fasteners on your chart I would work from the center out and the add a circle to the outside and scroll the number of sides until the optimal option becomes available for an all-quad topology.

      Interestingly enough there is even engineering behind the design of screw heads such as the Phillips.

      The Cross with the circle in the center actually helps the "driver" tool disengage when appropriate torque has been applied (i.e. the fastener has touched down and should not turn anymore).

      That is often why when you tighten a Phillips fastener your screw driver pulls out without you intending it to when you get it tight. It's meant to prevent you over-torquing the head and breaking it off. Unfortunately with dirty/old screws this becomes a pain point as it gets tight or cross threaded and you end up fighting the fastener all the way down until there is not much of the head left. (especially with drills that re-engage on the head multiple times and wear away the contact surfaces haha.)

    • My least favorite fastener heads are the security kind. I always get in there with a small flat-head screw driver and break that dumb center circle stud off, haha. Then I can go about my work that someone else wants me to pay them to do, muahaha.

    • Another fun fact: Most bolt and fastener makers stamp their metal with their foundry initials or insignia. Bolts also have lines or symbols on their heads that tell you about their material

      Like Kent said: When you begin modeling something you end up learning a whole heck of a lot about it. (not that we probably need this level of detail) but I thought it would be fun to share. I deal with this kind of stuff at work when people try to use the wrong material for a job it was not intended for (not my every day cup of tea but we come across it from time to time)..

    • crew


      Here is my version of a screw, above the stereo. 

      And I did use subsurf.....

      And in position......

      Sometimes we get so involved in what we are modelling I wonder if the hour I spent modelling one screw to get it looking good close up , was it worth the extra verts. Which one are you?? I wouldn't call myself an extrovert, per se, but I wouldn't say introvert either. 

    • adrian2301 I would say that it's not only a question of saving time which is especially important for people who're doing digital modeling commercially but also a question of developping skills and of mastering a challenge. Of course, I could say that for example my rear axle is a rather hidden part and that most areas will never be seen at from a short distance in the final video but I wanted to model it as realistic as I can and learn what I needed to achieve this goal. 

      When it comes to modeling a screw head with a cross shape, I think, it makes a difference whether the cross ends already before it can reach the head's rim or whether it hits the rim. My problem was that I wanted to model a cross that uses the full diameter of the head so that the holding edges for the subsurf modeling ran into the round rim. I had no margin where I could somehow redirect these holding edges.

    • crew

      I agree duerer , It's about the process of improving our skills. If I was on this DOG on my own and had a dead line, no way would I have an hour for the small details like this screw. But having said that I like the fact that I could learn to model the details like this , every little helps as they say.

    • I love the look of the topology there Adrian but the center of the screw is probably going to be farther in (the center of the cross) and the outer parts next to the edge of the cross are going to be a little more shallow with a deep dive towards the center. You've gone this far might as well make it go a little more lol.

      For me personally. If I was making this on my own I would probably be using decal machine a lot for the screws. Fake it where I can to cut down on poly count. Do a whole lotta effort to make 1 part look good then let normals, bump, and paralax do their magic.

    • That screw right there is perfect candidate for a decal. Because the entire screw is inset in that circle depression and you can fake the depth really well on a flat plane that "gives off the effect" of depth.

    • Nice topology adrian2301 !

      Looked at an older car interior I started on and there I did this for a slotted screw with ring:

      with Subsurf:

      and never to be seen up closer than this, probably:

  • crew

    Woot! Level Up! 

    1198 to go for level 7.

    theluthier , XP's for this week submissions?, I hope you was joking, you was right?? 🤨

    • crew

      Heh I yeah I'm giving you full points for the latest submission. But so far I've not credited anyone's account with submission XP yet. I was waiting to do it all at once. Though perhaps I'll calculate it for the exterior and add it today. If you see a major jump in your XP total you'll know why 😎

  • crew

    this got a bit lost in the chat, but I'd like to volunteer for the steering column.

    spikeyxxx I nearly missed this in the thread here - That'd be great if you have the bandwidth! I'll put your name in the spreadsheet for the steering column.

    Also thanks for the tip about the back window. I hadn't realized they did that. Shocker I'm sure 😅

    • spikeyxxx got the premium fiber package. I'm pretty sure he has unlimited bandwidth.

    • crew

      Sometimes I think you're right about that blanchsb ha!

      dostovel I'm looping you in so you know about Spikey tackling the steering column. I think he can handle both it and the port console which is less complex than your starboard console.

      Not that you couldn't handle it, of course :)

    • Thanks for the trust Kent. I have actually ran into an inconvenience. I've had the office iMac in my home for the whole quarantine (five months now) and I haven't had a computer of my own since almost a year now, and now I've had to grudgingly get back into the office, to hell with quarantine they said, so I don't have a computer to work in at home now.

      I'm always saying I'm going to get a rig together, but they've been such a headache in the past that I hesitate to build one. And then there was my super expensive Alienware laptop that the motherboard got toast after not even a year and a half, it was such a waste I lost all faith in laptops. So I'm in computer limbo right now.

      I'll just start modeling at work. I've done it before, I arrive an hour early in the morning, eat fast in the hour lunch break and leave one our late in the afternoon. That's 3 hours for modeling everyday. It should be enough. 

    • I have done that too Omar. It's not convenient but since I am there I get some time in during my lunch hour.

      I have got a Lenovo Legion laptop and I got a care package protection because I too do not trust windows laptops (I previously owned an HP and it was not so great). Even before my first year is up I think one of my fans is beginning to go out. Thank goodness for the protection plan. I'm going to try some progress on the chair tonight while I rewatch the Mandolorian episodes. We'll see how it holds up.

    • Now, when you search for images of a CAT434E, you might get referred to CGCookie (probably depends on your search engine...):

    • We are hacking The Matrix. Mr. Anderson... see me?

    • crew

      Heh I noticed that recently spikeyxxx! Pretty cool that this project might forever be linked to the real CAT434E ✊

    • Hahaha that's awesome.  Our legacy is now indelible!

  • crew

    Been doing my duty as a MoLE.

    The DOG is looking epic in all it's glory in the assembly file.

    I noticed a couple of points on my inspection.

    blanchsb your shoes are not polished.

    dostovel your shirt has not been pressed.

    and a couple of minor points.

    aartifact the side of the engine enclosure doesn't line up with the top. Maybe just missing a holding edge at the top of the side piece. The top looks a bit wobbly also.

    Also the shape at the side doesn't match the shape of the chassis. Looks like a matter of moving those forward facing faces forward. Try saying that fast four times.

    and duerer you asked about your hoses on the rear axle. Your two little ones could do with a slightly larger diameter. I have circled where Spikey placed his, which is where the hydraulic tank would be positioned if we had one, and as it happens it is more or less below the steering column where the electric cables will go if you decide to add them.

    Can't wait to see the finished DOG, it's looking amazing so far. I for one have learned so much from this collaboration, theluthier has been awesome leading this project and interacting with everyone has been especially fruitful for my CG journey. Thank you all. 👍


  • crew

    spikeyxxx could you post the link to the YT video of the back window opening?

  • Just seen: If we pass the mark of 1276 replies then this will be the biggest CG Cookie forum thread ever 🏆!

    spikeyxxx Is there anything mathematically special with that number or do we have to take a look into the history books 🤔?

    • You can find something special about every number;)

      If you double 1276 you get 2552, which is symmetrical (palindrome ).

      If you put the outer digits 'upside down' and let the middle two switch places you get 1729 (Ramanujan-, or taxi number).

    • If we pass 1276, that means 1277 and that is 1233+44,

      or: 12²+33² + 44,

      or: (3*4)² + (3*11)² + 4*11,

      which is kinda beautiful, I think.

    • And why is 1729 a "taxi number"?

    • You can search for that, it's quite famous.

      In short: Ramanujan (Indian clerk, 'uneducated', but brililiant at numbers) was in the hospital and Hardy (English mathematician, quote:' I do number theory, because that is the only part of mathematics that has no use outside of math', or something along those lines) came to visit him and said 'I came here in a cab with number 1729; that is such a boring number: I hope it's not a bad omen.'

      Then Ramanujan thought for a few seconds and replied: 'On the contrary: 1729 is very interesting: it's the smallest number that can be written in two distinct ways as the sum of two cubes' (Namely: 9³ + 10³ and 1³ + 12³)

    • Here's one I didn't find myself:

      Let n[1] = 2 and n[m] = 1-n[m-1]*3, then:

      n[7] = 1276.

    • There are no uninteresting natural numbers, because if there were, then one of them would be the smallest uninteresting number, making it an interesting number. Proof by contradiction.

    • hi guys! aim back

  • crew

    spikeyxxx Sorry for the delay but I finally linked your mastered wheels into the assembly. Everything looks good from the outside but hubs appear too wide or offset on the inner side (?):

    • theluthier my hubs are (relatively) fine:

      The inner ones are made by duerer and the fit his rear axle, which is a bit smaller than my front axle.

      There is a discrepancy that has to be resolved!

      Is my axle too wide?

       Is the rear axle too small? 

      Are both axles correct and are the rear wheels closer together than the front wheels? 

      None of the above?

      I will look into why I put my wheels there, but I will not make a decision on what has to be changed, on my own;)

    • crew

      If you don't mind my opinion, I think spikeyxxx has the correct position with the wheels and axle.

      This is top view from master assembly file:

      If the tyres are moved over to duerer 's wheel we will have a collision with the fenders and the tyres with blanchsb 's loader arms, and they are already tight with the engine enclosure.

      and the fenders at the rear also match the position of spikeyxxx 's tyres:

      Sorry duerer , I also have another issue with the rear axle.

      I was able to adjust the height of the chassis over your axle where it will attach, but I can't move in the x-axis without more collisions with almost everyone's parts.

      But the good news is I have sized and aligned the driveshaft with your axle.

    • As far as the front wheels are concerned, I can rotate them (steering) about 15° in both directions. I can't say how much this is:

      but I doubt that this will be possible when I move them inwards...

      The easiest solution would be to move the back wheels inwards to fit the rear axle and leave the front ones as they are that correct? I don't know, but it might be when looking at this:

      or this:

      Really hard to tell...

    • Yeah I would say we want those tires away from the loader arms as far as possible. Not because they have the Corona but because they need to be so in order to allow the wheels to turn towards the center without collision.

  • I am sorry that I have missed the last stream. I forgot about its date. I was preoccupied with many things, though I have been modelling on and off.  

    In image below, this is as much as I have gotten on the seat. Still more to go. 

    If anybody wants to do the steering wheel, please go ahead. Feel free to do so. I won't be able to do it, as I am very put off modelling the wheel, when I think of my family home (also shop) being surrounded by backhoes, diggers and bulldozers, though plenty of ideas for 3D modelling there. They are waiting to bulldoze our ancestral home/shop.  I can manage with modelling the chair, but not the steering wheel. Once on the wheel, I could only think of bulldozing corrupt local government's workplace and officials' homes. Well, anybody, please take the wheel away from me. 

    Presently, my family and I are threatened by the ordered demolition of our home and we are fiercely fighting against this.  NO WAY are they ever getting us out and that is for sure. They have just walked inside the hornet nest: they are trapped and they are not getting out without stings. 

    Petition to save family home & shop.