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Collab 2020: Modeling Heavy Equipment (Backhoe)

Accomplishing a BIG project TOGETHER

Starting in March 2020, I began a large stream project to model a comprehensive, highly-detailed Caterpillar 434E backhoe. Please watch the first stream (first 3 minutes of abridged version at least) for an overview.

It's a straight-forward project of building a complex model over an extended period of time. The spin on the project is that I want your help to accomplish it! If I build some parts and you build some parts, we will finish this thing much quicker. Plus the contribution format will include reviews, the potential of having your piece(s) assimilated into the final model. Not to mention large quantities of XP are at stake 🤑

NOTE: This is an involved project reserved for Citizen members.

Collaboration Details

The general idea is that I kickoff stages of the project via live stream, which is typically once per month. For the time in between streams, you choose a piece of the backhoe and apply what you learned from the stream to that piece. For example, the first stream covered initial block out. So between stream 1 and stream 2, your job is to pick a piece and block it out.

This is the repeating protocol for each Assignment Period (between-streams):

  1. Signing up for pieces of the model. I will be maintaining a Google Sheet to organize piece selection and grading. Following this URL will give you the ability to comment. The sheet is sectioned vertically and color-coordinated with a backhoe image. To sign up for a piece, right click on an empty cell below your desired piece section and click "Comment" (CTRL + ALT + M). Comment your name or username and I will fill it in officially as confirmation.

    Remember that it is OK for multiple people to model the same piece. But lets try to have at least one person assigned to each piece before doubling up.

    2. Project file structure. We're going to use Google Drive as a means to sync a single working directory among all contributors. See this thread about details and how to get set up.

    3. Submitting your piece for review. Exactly one week before the next stream is scheduled to be broadcast, your piece is due. In the "Attempt" cell of the spreadsheet, paste a download link to your .blend file via Dropbox, Google Drive, or equivalent hosting service. This will earn you at least 10 XP each week.

    4. Review. On stream I will review each submitted piece and decide which will be assimilated into the master model (in the case of multiple submissions of the same piece). The purpose of the review is to generate feedback for you work and advice for improvement.

    5. Assimilation. If your piece makes the cut and is assimilated into the master model, your name / username will be added to the object in Blender. You will go down in history as a definitive contributor to this epic backhoe model!

    Once the model is completely done, I plan to render a short demo reel showing off the model and crediting all contributors. It should be a rewarding conclusion to all the work we will do!

Assignment Prompts

I will reply to this thread after each stream with a [big] assignment post denoted by a  📣 emoji in the title. There I will clarify instructions about each Assignment Period.

Online Resources

Reference Images


This is THE thread

We will centralize our collaborative communication between the streams and this thread. Ask any and all questions pertaining to the Backhoe project here.

  • theluthier I wanted to re-emphasize that I appreciated watching you struggle through some of the modeling fixes and creations. I find it very important to watch troubleshooting in action. I'm sure there are people watching the recordings that don't share my opinion, but for me it is Essential Training.

    I tried recreating your Boolean Approach on the Zerk (grease port) fitting after the live stream and was able to recreate 30% from memory before hitting a wall haha. Looking forward to the archive of the live stream so I can see what I forgot.

    P.S.  Forum page 5 Unlocked!!!
    That's How the Cookie Crumbles

    • blanchsb I totally agree with you, that the model fixing techniques theluthier showed are very helpfull.  My idea in the livestream chat was, to present these techniques additionally to the livestream recording as an excerpt video so that people who want to jump directly into that don't need to search for these demonstrations in the livestream recording. 

      PS: You just opened page 5 😀🏆🥇

    • Yeah that sounds like a good idea. OR if it is too much work, perhaps just have the comment regarding the time stamp for each topic being worked on. I also need to go back and watch Spikey's grading review. I had to walk away to take care of something and came back and he had moved on.

    • There should be a CG Cookie Badge for unlocking the 5th forum page called "Cookie Chatter" or "And that's how the Cookie Crumbles"

    • Could this CG Cookie Badge look like this ?

    • Now we are talking Ingmar!

      P.S. But this is community effort. The Pound deserves the trophy. I made one at the top to celebrate such an active forum. Sure it is hard to navigate,........but it's not stopping us muahhaha.

    • crew

      I wanted to re-emphasize that I appreciated watching you struggle through some of the modeling fixes and creations...for me it is Essential Training...I totally agree with you, that the model fixing techniqes showed are very helpful.

      Thank you blanchsb duerer! You're the real ones 🤝

      perhaps just have the comment regarding the time stamp for each topic

      We're on the same page about this! I just uploaded the recording to wistia (our video hosting service) and they have an option for chapter organization. I'll add chapters for easier navigation.

      when I saw google sheet there are already three person allotted for both of the part. Is it kind of limit per part or should I go for other part ?

      rryzen7 my apologies, I will make sure to keep at least one blank slot per part in the google sheet. There's no limit to number of people working on the same piece.

      And yes, this thread is increasingly difficult to follow. I'm going to post the Assignment 3 prompt today with info about maintaining individual threads per artist. That should make communication easier to navigate/follow.

    • I enjoy the whole process, trouble shooting and all. Making mistakes and how to correct them, Not just start over....Ive done that alot lol

    • blanchsb what about this?

      PS: Good idea that with the "Pound Trophy" 😀

    • I like the "raw and real" approach of the livestreams as well, it complements recorded tutorials. I see it like in The Titanic, recorded lessons are like First Class, nifty, classy, sophisticated, but kinda fake... Livestreams are like Jack stealing Rose for a fun party with the people down below.

  • I suppose I posted my last comment at the wrong place. But this thread is very easy to get lost. Thanks a lot for the great stream Kent! As I wrote in the last comment. I would like to try for the Wheel and Cab. But when I saw google sheet there are already three person allotted for both of the part. Is it kind of limit per part or should I go for other part ?

  • crew

    theluthier do you realise you added part 4 of the collaboration the same day as jlampel Creating an Epic Summer Render stream.

  • ketre and adrian2301, I was looking at some images and I made some observations that might be relevant to you both:

    I caught this on the stream yesterday, but ketre it seems to be that the visible back corner of bottom of the cab in this photo comes out all the way to almost even with the edge of that top step, maybe not quite.  adrian2301 I also notice that the front edge of the fender - which overlaps that back "wall" of the step section - is exactly even with the bottom of the cab there.  And also notice that the outer edge of the fender where the plastic trim starts is also even with edge of the step-wall.

    When looking at our models, I noticed this notch on the back of that step wall:

    The step section bolts directly to the frame so I think we can assume it's in the right place and is the correct shape.  My suggestion to you both Karen and Adrian is that your cab and fender would ideally make a junction where I've drawn the green "T".  I think the front bottom edge of the fender definitely needs to be moved and maybe widened inwards, and the cab could then be adjusted to meet that edge.  I GUESSTIMATE that the top "apex" of the fender is PROBABLY in the right place, and that it's only the front that needs to be shifted; but the outer edge might need to be adjusted too after this is done - you'll have to experiment.

    Karen I also think the front "facet" of that cab is narrower than the middle - at least I'm getting that impression from photos.  I see this curve at the top of the cab from this angle:

    We know that, Z-wise, the top of the cab should be completely flat.  So it seems to me this curve must be purely  X-wise.  What do you think?

  • crew

    📣 Assignment #3: Finalize 50% of your chosen Part

    May 14, 2020  - June 7, 2020

    For the assignment period between stream 3 and stream 4 the focus is finalizing aspects of our chosen backhoe parts. We all know by now that this level of complex modeling is slow and tedius. Therefore my expectation for assignment #2 submissions is to complete at least 50% of your chosen part. You can of course go further than 50% if you're able but 50% is the minimum goal.

    Everyone start from the same file

    I still think this approach is best. After each stream I will upload a .blend for everyone to the corresponding stream page. For example, on the stream 3 page you will find the MASTER_caterpillar-434e_model_03.blend file available to download.

    *Note that the scale of all objects (including reference images) has been increased slightly as I mentioned in the 3rd stream. Everything *should* be accurate for measurement checks.

    Assignment Submission

    I've added a new tab to the Google Sheet labeled: #3: Finalize 50%

    The names of contributors are carried over from the second assignment. To submit for assignment #3, contributors just need to make a comment containing a link to their .blend file in the Attempt cell beside their name

    The DUE DATE for assignment #3 submissions is JUNE 5, 2020**

    Individual Forum Threads

    We've outgrown this main thread. Every day it's more difficult to make sense of our communication. So we decided in stream 3 to create individual threads for each contributing artist. The idea is for all communication regarding specific parts to take place within individual threads. Still check the main thread for general communication, questions, assignment prompts, etc.

    Calling all contributors of the Dog Pound: Please create a new forum thread (as a homework submission) with a title following this naming convention:

    Backhoe Contribution - Username - Part Name

    I've created one for my part as well if you want to see an example.

    Showcase Trailer (WIP) from ppfbourassa

    If you missed the premier, here's the wicked cool trailer pfbourassa is working on. Imagine how cool the final cut will be when we're done modeling 🤩

    Tire Demo from spikeyxxx 

    Don't miss the chance to hear the voice of a legendary CGC member! Spikey has taken the time to record a quick demo of his clever tire-modeling approach. Spoiler: It's way better than the one I showed on stream.

  • crew

    Ok my Forum Thread is open for business , check it out and help me out.

  • I tried my hand at the Zerk Fitting: and did it with Retopoflow to keep my skills up with that add-on.
    It's such a small part I'm not sure it will need such detail but there are a ton of them on this DOG so I will leave it as is for now and maybe ask Kent how he wants to handle small parts haha. I'll post a reference shot just to show them on my own thread but I figured I would post saying I was able to recreate theluthier 's teaching topic without too much trouble. The intersect boolean took me a while to figure out. I was cutting way too much material off because I wasn't intersecting enough!

  • I decided to spend part of today getting my rig together and testing out a small animation and showing off this Puppy.
    Short clip but even with what we have done thus far........ our DOG looks amazing!

    • crew

      That's awesome! I've been getting antsy to play with a rigged version myself. Did all your parts function as expected or did you need to adjust anything?

    • Everything but 1 piece works great. The one piece is just an interference issue and not an operation issue (see item 3 below).

      It took 2 days for my brain to wrap around what needed to be assigned so that all the parts moved in unison and moved believably. I kept getting 75% of the way with the rigging and the last 25% ate up most of my creative juices because the top of the assembly kept wanting to rotate around in a circle (ended up disconnecting everything haha). 

      I made an empty for each joint and then went to town parenting stuff together and gave just a few objects some constraints to damp track, copy location, and copy rotation where needed. At the end of the day I got it to work beautifully by just rotating 2 different empties (one at the front of the main loader arm and one at the back of the same loader arm) and I had to constrain a 3rd empty to copy the rotation of the front empty in order for the top hydraulic bar to stay pointing in line with the shovel rather than just rotating in a circle or flopping like a rag doll.Not too bad. Now I can adjust the assembly as needed with only 2 empties for the time being. When it comes time for the rigging I will rethink things and add actual bones for Wayne to give him a head start and I think I can make some cool looking "dynamic curved arrows" as the bones to signify they will rotate the assembly. 

      I'm actually really happy I did this because I noticed a couple of interfering parts in the assembly as I was rotating everything up and down and this rigging is going to help a little with my side of the adjustments. 

      Here are issues I currently see on the front end:

      1. The battery box and loader arms are clashing where the fuel fill on the drivers side is currently installed. dostovel I will post a photo and lets work together. 

      2. The loader bucket and arms need some adjustments. My main loader arms need to shorten a little because they are passing through the bucket mesh, and the hinge locations are going to need to be sorted out. ppfbourassa and I will sort this out. I might need to fix item 3 first though........

      3. My angle bracket theluthier  gave feedback on in the live stream (regarding non-uniform thickness) is interfering when the upper hydraulic extends it. The angle bracket pushes forward and stabs into the top or bottom pieces that it is hinged to (or both haha I can't remember now) and looks ugly. It only does this when the upper hydraulic is fully extended. I referenced the images and videos online again and I believe the angle bracket is not as angled as I made it out but I am having a hard time figuring out what it should be because everything looks symmetrical about the main loader arm. I'll post some images when I get off work. This is a problem only to do with me and no one else so I'll get with me to figure this out. But I would appreciate some guidance as this one has me scratching my head a little. Images to come later.....

    • crew

      blanchsb You're so on top of this project! Nice job troubleshooting and connecting with the relevant parties for solutions. A guiding force for the Dog Pound ✊

      Take a screenshot or gif of the angle bracket issue when you can. I'll do my best to help but we're tip-toeing into Wayne's rigging territory. If I can't figure it out we can always mention Wayne to get his thoughts.

    • crew

      Cab Modeling Timelapse

      Here's a timelapse video of me modeling most of the cab structure. It's not the whole cab but the most important parts (frame and windows). Hopefully ketre ullreym hellosudeepsingh and rryzen7 find it useful!

    • thank you it is really helpful , now i have confidence to model cab more than 50 %  theluthier 

    • Thank you theluthier I would have found this so much easier knowing this beforehand lol 

    • crew

      theluthier any chance you can send me the .blend of your cab so far, I need to form the fenders around. I have shaped them now but it is just guess work because I cant see the bottom edges on the reference.

    • crew
    • crew

      theluthier , Just appended in the cab and pleased with my guess work.

      Not to much adjustment needed.

    • Thank you theluthier  

      I tried by edge modeling for cabin frame. And then just duplicated vertices to make the glass. Your way of face snapping to make curvature is very nice. I did not think about that earlier.

      I followed how actually the cabin is made based on the particular metal profile only on the sides acc pic 1.

    • crew

      Nice work rryzen7 your cab looks great

    • I don't mean this to say I'm giving up, just admitting that I'm out of my element. I just sat here for 2 hours trying to follow Kents example and came up with a mess. I couldn't get it to snap correctly. So, my last cab effort actually lined up with the blackout cube better so I'll turn that on in on the spreadsheet. But honestly hard ops isn't my thing although I will be taking those classes eventually so I have that knowledge. I prefer the organic modelling btw. I have so enjoyed working with everyone. But imma go study on my materials and sculpting etc.  I hope there will be a project in the future that I can hang with.

    • theluthier  and rryzen7    dont forget that the  side  - front part of the frame is a door its one of the reasons I separated this from the rest of the cab.

    • adrian2301 that looks awesome!

    • crew

      ketre , never give up, we are all here to learn, I need to learn to sculpt, I had a go but, well lets just say maybe one day I will try again. You can still hang with us in the Dog pound, and keep trying, maybe you will surprise yourself by the end.

    • 1. The battery box and loader arms are clashing where the fuel fill on the drivers side is currently installed

      blanchsb Tell me what to do and I will unclash them. Probably an easy fix in 3D, a nightmare in real life.

    • If anyone would like to add me on discord plz do just let me know who you are plz


      I could use advise.  and damn if I didn't accidently delete my old cab. so I now get to start all over again.

    • Hi Karen, I never used Discord. But i just open an account. I have sent you the request.

    • Hi rryzen7 I didn't get an add. what's your name with the numbers so I can add you?

    • Bhavesh Patel#2445

    • theluthier

      I was following the video of the cab you made. I am stuck at 10:59 where you extrude and shrink the faces exactly at 90 degree. 

      How was it done?

      Mine is not working that way.

    • crew

      rryzen7 It looks like your faces don't have consistent normals. Before you extrude make sure to select all faces and hit SHIFT + N to recalculate normals for consistency. Also when you extrude, I recommend hitting E (extrude) then immediately hitting right mouse button to avoid making any movements. Then hit SHIFT + S to move all extruded faces along their respective normals. This operation has additional options (like hiqh quality normals) for more accuracy.

    • theluthier You mean Alt + S right?

  • theluthier

    Now that you mention it I would love to make a decent gif(s) showing the issues. My gifF abilities are terrible.

    I have Windows 10

    Can you recommend a good gif add-on for blender or your own gif workflow. I do not own any expensive photoshop programs. I hear GIMP can do it and have used it in the past but wondered if there is better built-in GIF creators or a better process. I spent a lot of time making 1 gif over the weekend.

    Something in me said (this should be easier).

    I tried Bligify add-on,  but I could not get it to make a gif, it just rendered out images into a folder.

    • crew

      blanchsb  When I looked for a good way to make gifs I too knocked on Blender's door. To my amazement I don't believe Blender can export the format at all! I was shocked.

      So the method I've been using for a year or more is reliable but not terribly fast. Keep in mind I'm on linux: 

      1. I use a screen recorder (like OBS) to make a quick video or the subject
      2. Edit with a video editor (kdenlive) if needed for text, arrows, etc then export as mp4
      3. Upload to this website for converting to GIF.

      It's all free but definitely more hoops to jump through than I expected initially 😕

    • I've made a Server on discord for the collaborators.  If any of you would like to join here is the link.

      Why a group?  its so we can share screens give advice.  ask questions etc. Even talk while working away.

    • ketre it told me that the discord link is no longer active.

      theluthier Blender Support is here! Okay I got bligify working properly. I had the wrong zip file installed. The install and readme is on GitHub: 

       It did everything for me: render a blender animation sequence and then converted the images to a gif. I just had to wait an extra minute while it plugged and chugged away after the render was completed!!!! so cool.......just make sure to Read the Freaking Manual before starting, unlike me.

      Here's my Sand Dune tire gif from his tutorial:
      Made with the help of Spikeyxxx and the Blender Add-on: Bligify

      Ok now back to "brass tacks". I'll go get some relevant gifs to show off regarding the problem areas.

    • Weird I set it to never expire.  ok trying again  I sent you an invite personally

    • crew

      blanchsb bligify! I'll have to check that one out. Thanks for digging that one up 🙇‍♂️

  • Alright, here's the skinny: I uploaded my Angle Bracket Clash on my own Forum posting here

    dostovel, GREG-MCKIM (sorry I don't know your at mention name) aartifact: see these two reference images:

    GREG-MCKIM and ARTIFACT your comments are in Purple. The loader arms and engine enclosure are intersecting: Clash of the Blendz

    Omar your comments are in red and light blue. Lower hydraulic is intersecting with fuel fill: Clash of the Blendz Vol. 2.
    And Battery Box heights appear inconsistent (notice the snipped battery wires are lower on the X-ray image).

    Omar: Air Gap and Clash of Blendz Vol. 2 (red AND light blue)

    Omar: No Air Gap

    Couple of intersecting points

    Does anybody else see the Cookie shadow, or is it just me???

    • crew

      I see it, the funky shadows. 

      ddoulos4iesou  (Greg McKim) , aartifact ,  with reference to blanchsb problem with the clash of the engine enclosure, I think the engine enclosure is actually slightly narrow at the cab end or at least the same, doesn't get wider, I think I remember theluthier mention it in one of the live streams. 

      This image shows a good view, lens distortion probably not helping but the pistons and the loading arm will be as straight as a die, with that as reference it looks fairly straight, maybe narrower as it rounds over the top.

      dostovel with reference to the battery box the scale may need to be checked, remember the reference image has been scaled according to other sources. Also I think they need to be moved back an inch or two in the Y axis.

      And I noticed an angle to one side of your boxes, I cant seem to line up the rear fenders with it. Looking at the image below the angle maybe the other side (1), also they need to move forward in the X axis for the step to line up better with the cab (2) and the rear (right in this image) side needs more of a curve (3). This would help me with the fenders as well as blanchsb with the loader arm.

    • Ok I will do my part. The angle they have I took it from this images, after you stare at them for long enough you start noticing those kind of things.

    • OK here's the thing, one of them thingies is curved while the other is stepped. 

    • Maybe this helps further:

    • Dude this helps a lot, thanks, I can see further details that before I could only guess.... aaaand that thing on the side is welded, that's going to be a nightmare.

    • blanchsb I'll check into that tomorrow or the next day, been busy the past 2 weeks.

  • crew

    Found an Image for the pound.

    Top view, shows the shape of cab or at least the roof. ketre hellosudeepsingh rryzen7 theluthier

    Also the shape of the engine towards the cab does indeed narrow. ddoulos4iesou aartifact 

    The battery box also slightly back and forward dostovel 

    Maybe of use for the bucket as in width in comparison to the rest. Probably about the same width as the stabilizers ppfbourassa 

    No use for the wheels though, the front looks like a gokart wheel. Sorry spikeyxxx duerer sshanr rryzen7 

    Definitely 434E in the top right corner 

    • Yeah I don’t believe that is our DOG. If it is it must be the older 434E.

      i believe our design is the newer pilot model, correct me if I am wrong. Most things looks semi-similar though, but I know there are definitely loader arm differences.

    • Does the Pound think that I should spread the loader arms out a little as they go from the engine to the bucket? Reference top-down view of the image.

    • crew

      No you got a tough job as it is. blanchsb 

    • blanchsb   

      I don't think you'll have to spread the loader arms out much further. I believe the problem lies with my initial extrusion to a detail I should have inset instead. I've highlighted the offending extrusion in red below at the 1st clash of the blends point.

      Insetting that detail plus narrowing the engine enclosure by a hair towards the back should sort that problem right out. Unfortunately I'm unable to work on the model until this weekend.

      adrian2301  Thanks for the top view find. The taper lluthier had talked on the stream about was towards the front of the enclosure instead of towards the cab. Still, from the top view reference you found, it does seem that the part of the enclosure with that inset seems a bit narrower than the rest of the enclosure towards the back.

    • crew

      Ahh I was wrong about the engine closure taper. It thins toward the cab . Fascinating. Never would have guessed that without the top-down view. Great find adrian2301!

    • No worries Artifact. I had to take a break this week too. I had a work project that demanding my creative juices and so I just took the "How to Create a Wall of Mailboxes" course from Kent to loosen up after a hard day's labor.

  • crew

    Next Project:

    I don't mind doing the fenders again.

  • Some of us have already joined a server on Discord that was created for the Backhoe Collaboration

    come and join us, mute it if you don't wanna be disturbed and look in when you want. This is a great way to trade pictures even share screen or talk about what's going on with your part of the project.












    If I missed anyone just come on in and let us know who you are.

  • spikeyxxx Do you already know these Cat 434E front axle images?

    And the front differential:

    • Oh that's great! Just when I was about to loose hope;) Thanks a lot duerer !

      My biggest problem is not enough pictures.

      Although this one is a little different from the other picture, it still very helpful, because this show it from the other side and the close-up of the differential is also fantastic!

      Again, thank you!

  • crew

    Ok everyone, There is so much going on in the DOG Pound it's getting a little unsafe around here, so I have managed to come up with some safety gear for everyone.

    theluthier dostovel blanchsb jjakeblended sshanr ketre spikeyxxx rryzen7 ddoulos4iesou duerer hellosudeepsingh ppfbourassa aartifact 

  • I'm just trying to align the rear axle with the chassis and the wheels, but I can only make it fit with the one or the other. The red element of the rear axle has to be attached with 4 bolts on both ends to the chassis where 4 bolt holes are needed:

    I've created a smaller file with just the chassis, the rims/hubs and the rear axle here.

    • crew

      I can adjust the chassis as needed no problem, if its lower, higher, left or right I can adjust accordingly.If you sort your wheels out and best guess the location of the bolt positions in relation to the axle and I can then adjust the chassis to fit. Probably the best approach, as the chassis will hardly be visible when done, as long it doesn't interfere else where not an issue. If we still have a problem then we can solve it then. The chassis has few images, only drawings that are not really clear, so it is more a task of align to other parts.

    • crew

      That's great I can start on that file and update it and post it back.

    • The inner part of the rim is a little bit of eyeballing since I only have photos of them but no construction drawings. The rear axle itself is based on isometric and orthographic plans but I don't have any precise measurements. And the connection with the front axle will be another tricky task.

    • This is the connection between front and rear axle on a Cat 434F:

      I don't know whether there'are differences between the E-version and the F-version of the Cat 434 in that part of  the backhoe.

    • crew

      The adjustment is done. LINK

    • Thank you adrian2301 for the adjustment. Now it intesects with the battery boxes:

      It's maybe best that you keep your chassis as it was since we first have to ensure that both axles are properly connected via the parts in between. 

      I have found some higher resolution drawings of the chassis:

      I've also found some close-ups of the rear side:

    • crew

      The chassis is actually closer to the right size, I have taken from reference the chassis is the same width at the front as the engine compartment. and now with the alignment with the rear axle. The Battery Boxes are actually to close together (x-axis) or to deep individually.

      These images will help me with the shape of the connecting part to the stabilizers, much clearer images than I had before.

    • crew

      Actually second look tells me there not from 434e. first image is completely different at the rear where the swing frame is, as in your first image, our swing frame attaches to the stabilizer rails. not directly to the chassis. As in image 4.

      Second image on the upright part where the loader arms attach has 3 holes on or dog.

    • adrian2301 It's a Cat 434, but from 2006. That could explain the differences

  • Hey ketre And hellosudeepsingh I've got an image for you guys

    And for spikeyxxx dostovel , rryzen7 and for me we get a image for the axle 

  • crew

    Made a DOG TAG for the front of our Puppy, or we can hang it on the gate of the Pound.

  • For anyone interested in seeing some 'bad topology clean-up', I really enjoyed this:

  • I just saw what I believe is our DOG on the side of the highway on the way to take my kid to the gym. I'm heading there now to get some detailed pictures. Not sure if anyone is online but if I am able to get close I can grab some good shots of the main body. I may get some close-ups of the cab as well if I am able and I don't cause someone to stop and chase me off haha.

    • Your kid goes to the gym? Please don't tell me he's like 10 years old or I'll have to think about my life choices. 

      And consider that if you show the CAT Police our 3D model, maybe they'll not only let you take pictures, but maybe even drive the real thing.

    • crew

      You stopped and got pics blanchsb! I respect that so much.

      Driving back from Florida this weekend we passed a warehouse with a bunch of "diggers" on display facing the interstate. For a moment I thought of pulling over to request a photo session. Kids screaming was a deterrent though.