Karen Trevino (ketre)

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I've been trying to do the Compositing for this scene,

I got to the part where you added the blur and all I got was a grey screen. I cannot show you what my file is as I didn't save. I closed it in frustration. Also I found that all the nodes  no longer have some of the options you talked about in the live stream. I really enjoyed this, but I got lost in all the nodes on the little Islands. I got this result and cannot figure out why the tree bubbles don't cover the whole green area like yours. my attempts at following weren't getting the same results.  38.36 was the time.

PS...Btw Its not letting me post my image until I edit my post.

  • crew

    ketre my apologies that the workflow got confusing. There was certainly a lot happening and lot of potential to get twisted up, especially with nodes. Oh and also that node options keep changing...that's super confusing.

    Still you did a great job persevering through to an end result! My main critique is that there doesn't appear to be a defined Sun light source. The lighting is more of an overcast day whereas the background image suggests a bright and sunny blue-sky kind of day. I love the added flare of the marooned pirate and skeleton! 

  • I didn't add in a sun yet, I was still trying to get the mist and the blur going. Oh and once I added the blur node the image went completely grey. It didn't do at all like yours did. 

    oh and for some reason I clicked on a node and did the shift ctrl click to add a view image node and it didn't work

  • crew

    ketre That's odd as I don't usually have issue with the blur node..it's pretty straight forward. Feel free to paste a download link to your .blend file and I will take a look (via drobpox, google drive, or equivalent service). Be sure to pack your .blend before saving and uploading.