Luca Pasqualini (insanemonster)

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Unity 2018 Shadergraph Team Colored Shader

Hi all, I didn't see too many Unity related topics or gallery projects, so I think I can share some of my recent work.

I'm working on a 3rd person shooter/strategy game and, while making all the assets (thanks GC Cookie, for without you I wouldn't be able to do so), I tried to make a team colored PBR shader with shadergraph, of course only in the LightWeight render pipeline because it's not yet supported in the HD one (the future target of my project).

Here there are some screenshots, of the result, of the shader and the graph. The scene is the default template, just the tank is my own (yes, the tank is missing the turret, it's a separate element in order to be customizable by the player when preparing its army).

I showed both to showcase some of my work and to provide a simple, functional, PBR shader graph (maybe it's something very easy, but hey, maybe not so for everyone).