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How to bake a seamless image texture from a 4D procedural texture.

  • spikeyxxx  you’ve done it again my friend.

    🤯 only 1 minute into the video where he geometrically makes X texture seamless on a cylinder.

    I got so excited about this I followed along (not really on the same wavelength of understanding but I got the jist enough)

    i ended up going 1 step further and made a node group with all of the inputs useful for Loc/Rot/Scale and the UV tiling and it outputs the 3D vector and 4th W dimension!

    The only part I really don’t understand at all was why he made a fraction for the tiling and then deleted it later on????

    • Hi Shawn, I will try to explain that.

      He made the scale in the Mapping Node 4.0, so that the Values of the UV go from 0 to 4. By following that with a Fraction node. those values go from 0 to (almost) 1 four times, to show the tiling of the texture.

      Later he has sine and cosine in there and they already make the values repeat (although there is no longer tiling!), if that makes sense. He didn't remove it as soon it was no longer needed, but later when he noticed it was still there...

      He has a series of procedural shader tutorials (I gave the link to that playlist) full of tricks. In some the math gets quite complicated, but it's fun to watch, if you're into it;)

    • He also made a nice toon shader from scratch, as I just found out;)


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