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Looking for feedback on my first serious attempt to do an enviroment

Just Run out of ideas this is what I have at the moment, I dunno if in terms of composition is good or if I should add something.

  • Looks interesting.  Is your final product going to be an image or a game environment? Do you have reference material you're working from? Maybe try adding some texture/color/light and then see what is still missing? It looks good so far.

  • Looks good to me, but you should definitely add an HDR image for lighting. It will make your scene look much better by default, even without materials.

  • It's a good start I think, I would indeed enhance a bit the lighting as well. Also, depends on what you intend to do with this asset, but I would add more details: I would add more windows on some walls. In terms of shading and composition look at some propaganda poster to get some inspiration, there's some good stuff to take !