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Help! baking normal map in substance painter

Hello I'am modeling a dumpster game asset.

And when I try baking in substance most of the bake comes out pretty well but I get black spots showing up.

like this.

and this.

there is this line showing on my wheel how can I fix that?

this is how my low ploy and high ploy look like.


each object is its own thing nothing is connected may that be the cause?

also how can I make an Id map so I dont have to make multiple materials?

I would really appreciate it if someone can help me out.

  • crew

    Hey Wiktor, is it all one object? If so, try separating out the pieces that are having trouble and bake them separately. 

    You could make an ID map, but that might be overcomplicating this one. Try using folders in Substance for each type of surface that you want to add, add a black mask to each folder, and then paint or use the polygon fill tools to add white to any areas you want those layers to affect. 

  • From my personal (and brief, just 1.5 months) experience with substance painter, it's better to bake normals in Blender. Then I often make some small adjustment in photoshop or gimp if the result is not perfect.

    Also, use cages when you can, you can just make a copy of your low poly and use a displace modifier in blender to easily make a cage. This solved almost all my baking problems, except with strange, long very beveled bridge like surfaces. And even in that case, photoshop or gimp always solved the problem (just minor tweaking when there was not enough low poly geometry).