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Sculpting alone - Looking for a mentor and someone who can help improve my sculpt

Hi all, I'm new to blender sculpting and I really enjoy it, I've just completed the 2.8 sculpting shark course and wanted to move on to character sculpting. I'm using the old blender version tutorial and I want to test my skills by sculpting a character that is not the same as the one Kent is using.

I'm happy with how I'm getting on until I started sculpting the hand, I've notice there isn't enough subdivision to sculpt any further and I've read and watch tutorials where they usually move on to the next feature like the leg, at this point I've started to lose confident.

I've never been to art school so I'm not familiar with what is best practice; I'm looking for help, someone that can mentor me to see what I should pick up from a character and help me understand the character workflow. Hoping to be a screen share session where someone can walk me through?

In the future I wish to help mentor people who are also in the same boat. :D