Yousef Al Haeri (bozurk)

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Is there going to be an updated version of this course for Blender 2.8x?

Hello Jonathan, I hope you're doing great so far, To start this off, I've been learning/studying blender for over 3 months now, And I've started learning around September last year (2019,) but recently I've been consciously learning more about blender, and rewatching videos/courses so I could get a refresher on what tools does what and learn more shortcuts along my progression, I think It would be really helpful if there will be a 2.8x version of this course, especially for people like me who have only started using a 3D software in september last year

  • crew

    Hey, thanks bozurk ! Short answer is yes, but I'm going to be structuring it differently based on the feedback I've gotten and what I think would work better. Here's the first part of that: 

    I'm working on updating all the fundamentals, which is a fairly big task, but I expect the new bootcamp (with more in-depth videos since I covered a lot in the fundamentals) to be next on my list. 

    That said, there's really not a lot that's changed about modeling in the jump to 2.8. The interface and selection is slightly different, but the ideas behind how to make shapes are 100% the same. If you watch through this course and get stuck because of any difference in version, just ask for help below the video and we'll get you pointed in the right direction. 

    Happy modeling!