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Retopoflow 3 Beta: Comments/Questions/Issues

jlampel I figured this may be a good place to open some discussion around RetopoFlow 3 Beta now that it is working in Blender 2.8.

Please Note I am running the latest release build of Blender 2.82:

Issues with Contours:
I noticed that when using the contours I could not for the life of me get the face counts to change. It was always set to 16. I would swap over to PolyStrips and it would work fine increasing or decreasing the face count when I draw a strip.
I think this is a bug but nothing crashes.

  • crew

    Thanks for reporting Shawn! That does look like a bug. Could you please add that to our GitHub issues tracker? 

    That way we can make sure it gets addressed and won't slip through the cracks. Thanks!

    • jlampel looks like there is a 👾 already submitted. #788 bug report is about contours increase/decrease, but it is a few weeks old, i just added a comment there. Hopefully that works.

    • crew

      Perfect, thank you! 

    • Looks like John Denning had a version where that is fixed and he sent me a copy since it is not released to the blender market yet.

      Holy crap this tool is awesome. I am playing around with my shark retopo and even being a complete NOOB at it I am getting good results on the general body shape.

      Face count before retopo: 800,000; Current face count with 60% completed retopology: 600

      I will post a picture when I get home.

    • Here's a mostly completed rough draft retopo using the Retopoflow Beta: Initial face count of sculpt body alone 743,000. Retopoflow face count was 850 at this stage.

      Unfortunately when I clicked Ctrl + Space on my keyboard to activate fullscreen mode I broke something and blender froze hard! I also lost my file and it somehow it may have corrupted my original save and the Retopo backup save as well because my model no longer is visible (it looks like an empty but nothing is there). In fact the sculpt is doing the same thing. I am going to try and recreate the bug to submit it. But, overall I was happy to get soo much progress on my own in such little time and effort. 

    • crew

      Hey, that's looking good! 

      I'll try the Ctrl + Space thing as well, but so far I haven't had it crash like that yet. Bummer. Well, I'm glad it turned out nicely after all. I'm pretty sure part of getting good at CG is getting annoyed at stuff like that but sticking with it anyway. Luckily it's usually faster the second time around! 

    • I could not figure out how to fix it again so I just started over. After all it was only 800 faces or so.

      2nd time around I fixed some topology mistakes from the first draft and did a comparison render  to my original submission: it doesn’t look half-bad even without any bakes!

      Took me between 2-3 hours to retopo the main body shape (which for me is a new record since I am new).