Tinus (tijnkroon)

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the left hand is lacking behind / animation feedback

I accidentally broke the left hand while I was working on the block out  of the reload animation. now every time  I play the animation the left hand begins to lack behind but if I select the hand it snaps back in to place. 

and if you going to watch the video can you please give me feedback on the animations and the blockout of the reload animation.

  • crew

    Hey, nice work so far Tijn! 

    I'm not sure about the left hand lagging behind. I could take a look at your file if you'd like, but I can't think of why that would happen if you're using Blender 2.81 or later. 

    Notes on the animation:

    • Try speeding up how fast he brings up the gun and adding more overshoot to the rotation before it settles in
    • The recoil on the fire seems a little slow. It should snap straight back in one frame to give it more punch
    • The breathing feels a little sharp. Try smoothing that out a bit. 
    • The reload blocking is looking cool so far! Try bringing his hand back more in between each bullet going in, and moving the gun either up or down as it switches hands so that it doesn't look glued in place. 

    I really like how you're challenging yourself with a revolver! Keep up the good work :)