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My attempt (with a difference)!

I was looking forward to this part of the course.

With this exercise, I wanted to push myself and so, instead of doing the same head, I found a different one on Google with a front and side face. 

I was hoping to mostly though, copy the vertex number and placement, but had to deviate a little quite early on because of the difference in nose length. 

Anyway, some parts were quite scary and it took me a day sometimes to get back to the computer to do them! Some bits had to be different, but with this course and the great tuition about loops and junctions, it still took some working out at times and, though I probably didn't always come up with the best solution, all the polys were filled (quads). 

There still is one 6 edge pole on the ear and I did a 3 to 1 junction behind the ear rather than another edge, but that'd be covered with hair and that part of the head shouldn't bend in an animation!

Yes, her ears are a little off and she has a bit of nostrilitis which has meant they're a little bigger, but please comment quietly about those things as she's a bit sensitive!

I hate repeating work, but the only way to get anywhere with this 3D stuff is to repeat and repeat and... repeat. So I'll be doing that soon!

Thanks for the tutorial. Actually, this course is why I signed up to CGC and I've learned a lot and had great answers to questions (mainly about understanding loops). 

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    Hey, this is awesome! I'm so glad you decided to tackle a different head - I think you learned a lot more that way. It's definitely good to step away for a bit if it feels like too much, and then come back with fresh eyes just like you did. Keep up the good work! 👏👏