Jon White (whitej1)

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Hotkey cheat sheet

Hi, do you guys have - or can you recommend - a really good cheat sheet for Blender hot keys? Thanks!

  • The best cheat sheet is google. 

    I use google all the time for hotkeys, and with repetition, I memorize them. I also have a quick favorites thing for stuff I use a lot, but doesn't have hotkeys.

  • I 'always' use the Preferences > Keymap:

    There you can find ALL shortcuts and they are up to date! You can also change a shortcut there if you want or add a new one.

    The disadvantage is that it takes some digging (I still haven't seen all of them, often I stumble upon one I didn't know existed...) especially if you don't know the name of what you are looking for, but there are so many shortcuts, that any cheatsheet would either be incomplete or too long to be very practical (not to mention that shortcuts change sometimes; within the last two weeks one shortcut was added and changed!)

    The Quick Favorites (shortcut Q) is also very handy. And many shortcuts can also be seen next to operations: