Morten Fjellheim (arev)

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Vector math node has no value output.

i have several issues while following this tutorial. My vector math node only have a vector output, no value. This is probably why the my mesh only have vector information and does not show up in black or white? 

  • Hi Morten, that is correct.

    A lot of nodes have been improved! If for instance you have a Math Node set to Add, you have two inputs. If you change it to Square Root, you only get one input. Similarly, a Vector Math set to Cross Product has (only) a Vector output. Set to Dot Product you get (only) a Value output. And if set to Length, it has one Vector input and one Value output. Blender has gotten smarter and now only exposes in- and outputs that make sense.

    • Thats cool but i have more issues.  Following the parametric stamped metall tutorial i do not get the same result even though the node setup is the same.

      This is the day when nothing works as it is suposed to:)

    • Is there some changes done to the math-absolute node as well?

    • Hey Morten, Math > Absolute hasn't changed.

      I was lazy and just downloaded the zip file and loaded it up in 2.83 and it worked. 

      As for the Absolute, the only place he used that is in the 'Symmetry' those separate xyz and combine xyz with the adsolute nodes in between can now be exchanged for one node: the Vector Math > Absolute.

      At what point in the video do problems start for you?

    • I have remade the whole material and it has been sorted. I akm really curios though as i diodnt change anything, just started anew. A bug maybe....

    • Not a bug, that's just being human. Happens to me as well sometimes; I follow a tutorial by the letter and at a certain point the result is completely wrong. Then I start again from scratch, doing 'exactly the same' and everything's okay. This is called human error;)

    • What do you mean with a workaround? If you want another node set-up, here is another way of making a cross product:

      You can see why this is called a cross product, right?