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Why this class was so fast forward. Frustrating

This exercise was really interesting but it was so fast forward and looking like an instructor doing his personal project for the client and giving us a little pick,

I do not understand what was the purpose of this video.

Please do not forget you are teaching man not doing your project...

Now I am really afraid of what comes in upcoming classes, and top on that it is already recorded so do know what will happen, just praying god to a good video.

and please ON key pressing feature which appears on the screen.

  • crew

    Hi aankit8298, did you start from the start of the course?

    Everything you need to know is explained in detail.  It is designed so there are exercises along the way to teach you one skill at a time before jumping into the complicated character ball assignment. 

    If you also upload your work - I will give you detailed feedback that will help train your eye.

    Don't forget that you are learning, you don't know what you don't know.  Animation is really hard!

    If you start at the start of the course, it will all make sense.

  • I have started from fundamentals of animation course (not even skipped single class)

    now the following Bot Camp course again not even skipped single class...

    I really appreciate that you have covered one skill at one time, that was a fantastic way to teach.

    But trust me that class was fast and without key showing on screen is a little frustrating...

    After all, you know much much more about Animation and I am nothing in front of that. but I am a student who is learning from you and it was my honest feedback for that particular class.

    by the way Wayne you are a good animator and teacher.

  • crew

    Hey aankit8298,  Have you been posting your assignments?

    You should!

    I give feedback to all the submissions.  This is invaluable when learning!  I will pick up on things that you didn't know that your were doing.

    The idea is to not focus so much on 'what button to push'. The focus should be on 'developing your eye', the technical stuff of the buttons and workflow etc will happen almost automatically.

    The character ball assignment is just a pimped up ball bounce.  <silly voice> You can do it!  </silly voice>

  • And yet it's still the best animation course you can get for Blender. Seriously, when it comes to animation resources Blender really lacks.