Ingmar Franz (duerer)

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My first try on extreme yoga pose gestural sculpting

This is my first try on extreme yoga pose gestural sculpting. I definitively need more practice not only on the brush settings but above all on better eyeballing the correct proportions and body landmarks. Suggestions are welcome :) ! In Kent's video, everything looks so easy ;) .

  • crew

    Looks good, duerer! It looks like the straight leg could be a little larger (longer and thicker). Still you've captured the pose well!

    Did you like the gestural approach?

  • I really like the gestural approach, because the models are sculpted relatively quickly compared to a detailed model and I can concentrate on the proportions and the dynamic. I hope these models to be of use as a basis for further detailing. The stroke directions on my model are still rather arbitrary. I think, Kent, in your model, the strokes follow and pronounce more the directions of the muscles.   The straight leg certainly could be a little bit longer even with the perspective foreshortening taken into account (my model is more in a 3/4 view and the image relatively closer to a side view). By the way, I just noticed that my model seems to have two right feet ;) .