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Video window size: Is it possible to set the size to windowed?

Hello all.

Is it possible to set the tutorial window size to windowed?

When I open it to full screen it covers my taskbar and makes jumping from the tutorial to Blender more cumbersome. The standard view is a little too small for me.

  • Hi digitalseed, welcome to CGCookie.

    That is a great question! As far as I know this is not possible (at the moment). Would be great though.

    I use two monitors for that, but not everybody has a second monitor.

    What you could do is download the video and watch it in the size you want. (The download button (conveniently called 'sharing menu') is directly left of the full-screen one:

    Also keep your eye out for a new 'Welcome to new members' Livestream by Wes Burke and make a feature request there.

    You can find the Livestream schedule under Community > Events. There is also a Past Events button which is cool to at least have a look at.

    Hope this is helpful.