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Do the courses follow a set order?

Hello all.

I am new to 3D and blender, downloaded Blender around 5 days ago. 

I started to follow along with the free section of  CG cookies "Low Poly Rocket" course on youtube and found it to be well presented and easy to follow. 

I am now considering taking out a monthly sub so I can finish the Low Poly Rocket project I started.

Do the courses follow a set order or curriculum?

I mean do you start at course 1 then move on to course 2 etc? 

I would prefer a well laid out curriculum that follows a logical learning path such as this rather than choosing myself what to do next.

Cheers :)

Edit: Decided to take the plunge and take a month sub. Looking forward to my Blender odyssey and looking forward to making new friends in the community :)