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Armature getting mirrored

Hey Wayne, I've started rigging a chest I've made before following Kent's course and found a weird glitch - when I add an armature at the world origin it gets mirrored in Z and then the mirrored part gets extremely distorted if I move the original bone around (see pics) https://imgur.com/a/HXsTItF
Any idea what could cause this and how to fix it?

  • Hi raijkeraijke.

    Make sure that your drivers are up to date. (Especially your graphics card!) 

    Your mirrored bone doesn't seem to belong to the added Armature (no orange outline) and it doesn't even look like a bone (at least, its tail is missing...what kind of mirror is that?) (And why are the head and tail of the 'real' bone black?)

    If your drivers don't fix this, please provide us with a link to your .blend (Dropbox, Google Drive, or....).

  • crew

    wow rraijkeraijke , that's pretty weird

    It looks like it is getting scaled off to negative infinity....which is my least favourite kind of infinity. (that's a maths joke for Spikey)

    I can't see if you have any mirroring in edit mode going on, however it should only mirror in the x if you have it enabled.

    It could be a driver issue, it could be a bug, or it could be voodoo.

    Do you have snapping turned on by accident? 

    It's the magnet there.

    Also try doing exactly the same thing in a blank scene and see if you are having the same result.  That will tell you if it's a possible issue with your t-chest file.

    If it seems to work ok - try importing all your treasure chest assets into a new file and start from there.  If something broke in the file, that is one way to get around it.

    Let us know how you go.

    As Spikey said, you can post the blend somewhere (DB, Google Drive, Pasteall etc) we can have a look.

  • Thanks for your tips, apparently it really was something to do with my PC... I moved the project over to a different machine and everything is fine now.