Kim Bartholomew (kimba200)

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edge split not working in 2.81

I can't seem to edge split in Blender 2.81. No matter how I try to edge split it doesn't respond.  What am I doing wrong, possibly? I've followed all the steps. SOLVED Have to disable Hard Ops.

  • Hi Kim, the effect of the edge split is not visible untill you use the Smooth Modifier, but also, the effect of the Smooth Modifier is not visible untill you switch from Edit Mode to Object Mode. You are probably still in Edit Mode.

  • Nope. It doesn't change anything in either mode. Nothing looks split and it acts as one mesh with or without the smooth modifier.  I just noticed my Edge Split comes up as a Modifier,  his doesn't. There is more than one Edge Split and it's hard to see where he is clicking. GOT IT! I have to disable Hard Ops. Then it works. I had to closely read the error message.