pink treasure chest

Things were going well and then the treasure chest went bright pink and has stayed that way. Previously it had been just I turned something on/off somewhere, by accident. Unhooking the nodes back to where they were producing brown and grey, dirty vertex paint, etc., just fine, didn't help. Started getting pink at the time I started with the Noise Texture node. My nodes, connections, and visible settings match those in the lesson. Any suggestions? Thanks. (Loving the lesson by the way.)

  • crew

    Bright pink is Blender's way of warning you that an image file is being sourced but not found. This could have happen by saving the texture file to your hard drive then moving the file to another folder. Or accidentally deleting the texture file off the hard drive.

    Can you confirm that all you texture files are being sourced correctly?

  • Hi Marilyn, just a guess:

    when you added the Noise Texture Node, that became the active node. For Texture Painting the active node is being used,not the connected, so, although you have the Image Texture Node connected, Blender tries to use the Noise Texture and you can't paint on a (fixed) Noise Texture...

    Solution: click on the Image Texture Node to make it active again.

    Not sure if that's what happened in your case, but it's worth a try;)

  • Thanks for both pieces of advice. Texture files were not moved. That was OK. I clicked on all nodes, even deleted the Noise Texture node and all its connections. ¬†Still pink. Backtracking through saved copies, the problem did start with the Noise Texture node. I continued working in a fresh copy taken from before the Noise Texture node. The second iteration through to the end of wood texturing demo...worked! Huh. Oh, well. I'm happy and learned a lot. Thanks to all again.