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Making Text Invisible

Using 2.8..... If I take a text, convert it to Mesh.... I can then change the property to alpha Hash, and using the Alpha control on the Shader animate the object to appear and disappear.

But how do you make just a text field appear-disappear without using some mask, etc.


  • crew

    HI Chuck, 

    This would depend on how you want to render this.  If you animate the shader, it will control the alpha on all the objects that use the same shader. (this is true if you animate the viewport alpha or the material alpha)

    So you would need to make a new shader for every object. (just duplicate it)

    If you want it to appear over 1 frame (no fade). You can just animate the visibilty of the object, or translate it into the view over 1 frame.

    If you want a flat or simple shaded text, I find it easier to actually just render the viewport and animate the alpha on the object level.

    Just make sure switch the viewport shading mode to show the 'object' and then animate the alpha of each object.

    (but this only works in solid mode - which may or may not work for you)

    Hope this helps.