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glitches when viewing rendered animation

so, it's time i made some animation and i followed this tutorial exactly. After i rendered the animation, i found that it sometimes glitches when i play the animation at "view animation".  The glitches are such as the ball suddenly loses the texture for a sec or the ball suddenly turns flat black for a sec. Will the glitches be visible when i save the animation? How do i fix it ? Please  help me

  • Hi,  

    I think what might be happening is the burning textures we created might be filling up the entire image black rather then some parts of it.   Open up the folder where you saved the textures and look for any images that are completely black.  If you see any of those go ahead and delete them.   If that does not fix the issue feel free to upload your Blend file, send me a link and I will take a look at it.