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Creating Multiple Scenes from a Master Scene

I have a blend file that has all the objects in one scene. How do I divide up the objects into multiple scene selections so that when I move to compositor I can then edit each scene into a new combined Master Scene

I know there are old 2.7x tutorials, but not finding a 2.8 here in CC.


  • crew

    You probably want to create different "view layers" and then turn on/off the visibility for each collection (or unlink them in that view layer.)

    Yes it is really confusing haha.

    But to create a new view layer just click the new layer button next to the name (it's the thing highlighted in yellow in your image)

    It's the same process to create a new scene - but having everything in the one scene is probably going to be easier.

  • Thanks, tried that but when I render just a view layer, all layers render even though the others are not included in the specific view layer.... but getting there...

    • Just to be clear, here is where you exclude Collections from the View Layer:

      When rendered, this gives two renders, one for each View Layer.