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What happened to Unity?

Anyone get the feeling this is turning into a Blender-only tutorial site? I subscribe for both Blender and Unity tutorials, but it’s looking like CGCookie is changing focus. I just wish they’d let us in on what’s going on so I know if my subscription is worth keeping,

  • wesburke I was wondering this as well.. just started with the Unity beginner flow, but haven’t seen Gonzo around the forums and such for quite a while now, or haven’t heard any news on upcoming game dev courses, so I’m wondering what the future is for the Unity side of things on CG Cookie? Thanks 😊 

  • crew

    Hey there, 

    Apologies if this wasn't communicated well. This fall Jonathan Gonzales left CG Cookie to pursue another opportunity. Bittersweet as we're excited for him, but know he's missed here at the Cookie. 🍪

    We are steering CG Cookie to become a Blender focused training site. Having said that we're likely to have some topics cover ancillary software such as Unity, Unreal, Substance and Photoshop. We're less likely to continue 100% Unity focused content, instead approaching it from the Blender artists perspective; getting your creations into Unity, etc.. 

    We're a small team, but I've been trying to get better at communicating what we're working on; with the more frequent Newsletters and our Sneak Peek articles: Which we're due for another one this month.

    While I'd hate to lose a subscriber, if you've exhausted our existing Unity Library, and that's what you're primarily interested in we may not be a good fit in the future. Of course there are a bunch of Blender/Unity humans hanging out here in the forum still. ;)


  • That’s kind of a bummer. I really locked into this site because it had such a nice balance between Blender and Unity, and the Unity tutorials were fun and practical. I’m not finding any other sites that offer the kind of Unity tutorial subscriptions I found here, but since my focus isn’t exclusively Blender, I will have to make a choice about whether or not to stay with CGCookie.