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[ENDED] BC3-1806 - June 2018 Class Homepage - Vehicle Modeling with Blender

CLASS ANNOUNCEMENT #7 (July 5, 2018): BC3-1806 is officially over! The Class Wrap stream recording is available to watch and the closing post is on page 63. Please take a minute to fill out the Questionnaire 🙇🏻‍♂️

CLASS ANNOUNCEMENT #6 (June 20, 2018): Week 4's stream recording has been edited together - curse you computer freeze! - and is available to watch. This is the final week of the class! Spend some time sculpting a wild and crazy vehicle design and let's finish strong 💪

Also a reminder that we will be having a 5th stream to wrap up the class on  July 3rd, so don't miss that.

CLASS ANNOUNCEMENT #5 (June 20, 2018): Check out Week 3's stream recording if you missed the broadcast! I also updated Week 3's homework for those of you that want to finish your vehicle exterior.

CLASS ANNOUNCEMENT #4 (June 13, 2018): Week 2's stream recording is now available to watch if you missed the broadcast. Also the additional timelapse video mentioned in the stream is available here.

CLASS ANNOUNCEMENT #3 (June 11, 2018): Week 1 is done! Thanks for getting your homework submitted on time. Here's a link to the report card if you'd like to keep track of your grades throughout the class. Onward to Week 2!

CLASS ANNOUNCEMENT #2 (June 6, 2018): Week 1's stream recording is now available if you missed it. Also I've secured a concept car blueprint thanks to the talented 2D/3D artist, Milen Ivanov (see page 9 of this thread to download it). This is the vehicle I'll be modeling and you're welcome to model it as well if you don't want to find your own!

CLASS ANNOUNCEMENT #1 (June 4, 2018): Class is in session! Today officially begins the BC3-1806 class. Please check the syllabus below for Week 1's focus and assignments. Begin watching the pre-recorded courses if you haven't already and begin searching for a cool vehicle you want to model. The first Live Event is tomorrow at 2pm EST - SEE YOU THERE! 😎


Vehicle model by Chris Kuhn on

Welcome to the CGCookie Class: Vehicle Modeling with Blender! Here by popular demand, this class is designed to be a holistic learning experience about the art of modeling vehicles. If you’re diligent in watching all content and hitting homework deadlines, by the end of the class you'll be prepared to build digital vehicles to your heart's content! This is an intermediate-to-advanced class which means you’ll do best by having some experience with Blender and 3D modeling before committing to this class.

This is the third "Class" format where Citizen members are invited to focus together on a particular topic/skill for a month. Participation looks like this:

  • RSVP and attend the Live Events
  • Watch the courses outlined below
  • Ask questions
  • Submit homework
  • Generally be active in this thread

WHEN? The class will take place from June 4th through July 2nd (ish)

✅WEEK 1: Hard Surface Primer (June 4 - 10)

Abstract: Vehicle modeling is pure hard surface modeling. Therefore it's important to be proficient with general polygon modeling techniques. This first week we're ramping into this particular modeling skillset to prepare us for the vehicle modeling extravaganza to come!

Goal of the Week: Level-up and/or dust off your hard-surface modeling skills.

Pre-recorded course to watch:

Week 1 Live Event (Remember to RSVP!)


✅WEEK 2: Vehicle Exterior Modeling (June 11 - 17)

Abstract: When I say "Imagine a vehicle" I'll bet a million dollars you're thinking about the exterior. And that's why the exterior is important. It defines everything about a vehicle's visual perception: Style, utility, purpose. This week we're going to build a vehicle exterior based on concepts like building to scale and building from blueprints.

Goal of the Week: Build the exterior of your chosen vehicle based on blueprints. This will be good practice in strict adherence to orthographic front/side/back/top view modeling.

Pre-recorded courses to watch:

Week 2 Live Event (Don't forget to RSVP)


  • Model the exterior of you chosen vehicle [post images and/or a Sketchfab embed]

✅WEEK 3: Vehicle Interior Modeling (June 18 - 24)

Model by Neubi on

Abstract: The insides of vehicles involve more organic, soft shapes as well as opportunity for lots of fine hard surface details. Often vehicles renders focus on the exterior where the interior can be hidden or approximated. But not in this class!

Goal of the Week: Model the interior of your chosen vehicle to gain experience with fine hard-surface details in a confined space.

Pre-recorded courses to watch: Admittedly we don't have much in this context specifically...

Week 3 Live Event (Don't forget to RSVP)


  • Model the interior of you chosen vehicle [post images and/or a Sketchfab embed]
  • OR if you didn't finish your vehicle exterior from week 2 or didn't have time to fine tune it as much as you wanted, you can choose to do that for week 3 and skip the interior. Just understand that I will grade you based on how much visible difference there is between your week 2 and week 3 submissions. In other words, if it looks like you barely did anything on your exterior for week 3 you'll get a lower grade.

✅WEEK 4: Vehicle Concept Sculpting (June 25 - July 1)

Abstract: There's another facet of vehicle modeling that doesn't involve strict adherence to blueprints. Instead, Concept Sculpting is about designing a vehicle from scratch using the artistic approach of digital sculpting. This can be an extremely fun, experimental method for creating unique vehicles.

Goal of the Week: Sculpt a vehicle exterior from scratch; Practice hard-surface sculpting techniques.

Pre-recorded courses to watch: Again we don't have much in this context specifically, but we have a couple courses that cover hard-surface sculpting in general:

Week 4 Live Event (Don't forget to RSVP)


  • Sculpt a unique concept vehicle [post images and/or a Sketchfab embed]

✅WEEK 5: Class Wrap-Up (Early July)

Also by popular demand, we'll be doing a 5th live stream to close out the class, review week 4 homework, and possibly a special guest vehicle modeling guru. Once I get confirmation on that guest I'll add the Live Event to the calendar.

Hark! June is here.

This thread is reserved for CG Cookie Citizens that are participating in the "Vehicle Modeling with Blender" class. Its purpose is to serve as central communication for all participating Citizens (excluding Hobby plan Citizens) to ask Kent and fellow participants questions and to post homework. As the instructor of the class, Kent will be monitoring this thread on a daily basis (especially Mon-Thurs) throughout the month of June to review homework and answer questions.

Free members are welcome to observe the thread but please respect that communication is reserved for Citizens.

  • Really?  How?

  • I'm going to take part, too! Can't wait to try something completely different!

  • This class looks seriously challenging to me.  I did less well in the character creation course than I had wanted to, but then I had a few distractions that month.  I anticipate fewer problems in June.  I am on board for this one.

    Now I just have to decide what vehicle I want to model.  I've got a bunch of different ideas but I also want to be able to take advantage of both the exterior and interior portions of the class; I may not decide until right before the class begins.  Actually since Week 1's homework includes choosing the blueprint for our modeling, I guess that means I have all of that week also!  But I think I'll decide before the class begins.  

    • jjakeblended If it's any consolation chances are I'm less experienced than you and expressed the same concern, but theluthier told me earlier in the thread about how the course will be a welcoming environment for a wide range of skill levels. 

      If you haven't already, check out the Fundamentals of Hard Surface Modeling and the Mesh Modeling Bootcamp to get you up to speed. I've only finished the fundamentals but I'm already feeling more confident in my abilities.

  • Hey guys!

    I'm definitely not a car person, so sketching the interior was very new and difficult for me. Not having any blueprints for this specific interior didn't help either. I'd like to get some feedback on the size and spacing of things, that would be very helpful.

    • baukepost I'm not a car person either so take this with a grain of salt, but I feel like the dashboard is too far away from the driver, especially in the top view.  Usually I don't need to fully extend my arms to reach the steering wheel. I also feel in most cars the dash is even with or even extends past (further back on the car) the side mirror, and the wheel wells usually just barely protrude into the cabin down by the pedals.  All that is pretty close to what you have in the side view, so I would favor that over the top view. I would also increase the width of the center console.  Smash everything in close laterally. The gaps should be just big enough to drop your keys in, but too small for your hand to retrieve them.

    • pprocyonlotor You'd think that car manufacturers would be kind enough to let you retreive your keys.

    • baukepost Hey, nice job so far! You may have solved your problem by now, but just in case: In the "Introduction to Hard Surface Modeling" course (the cartoon airplane one) you are taught how to block the interior with simple shapes!

      From your sketches, I think the seat should be more to the front, the steering wheel should be around the middle of the upper leg. I don't know if the car is a 4 seats-two doors type, but if it is, there's no space to get in!

    • jack07 Thanks, there are only two doors by the way, and 2/3 seats. I Indeed use the tchnique of the intro to hard surface modeling to block out my interior. Tomorrow I'll post another WIP.

  • I feel confident enough with Blender's modeling tools to participate in the class.  Onward!

  • I have completed the exterior of my practice tank.  As I put on the finishing touches, a sense of overwhelming joy flew into me.  I was exhilarated!  I was finally good at 3d modeling!  I could model details!  This is my most satisfactory project yet!

  • I have been doing the courses listed, and I have found out that the addon needed for the scifi helmet (Sculpt Tools) doesn't work most of the time in 2.79 and is no longer updated. Does anyone know of a good replacement for it?

  • phew, so working through the coursework ahead of week 1.

    ive put all my models in a sketchfab collection.  just finished the Modelling Bootcamp, and off to start the Hard Surface primer with the plane.

  • Hi Kent, 

    I'm rather new and very excited with the class coming up in June. A silly question, 8 PM is it Pacific Time?  I reserved my seat but want to be sure I've added the correct time (I'm in GWT+2).

    It's good to mention this when reserving a seat. 

    thank you very much! 

  • I'm back to CG Cookie and I can't wait for the class. :)

  • crew


    CLASS ANNOUNCEMENT #1 (June 4, 2018)

    Class is in session! Today officially begins the BC3-1806 class. Please check the syllabus in the thread description for Week 1's focus and assignments. Begin watching the pre-recorded courses if you haven't already and begin searching for a cool vehicle you want to model. The first Live Event is tomorrow at 2pm EST - SEE YOU THERE! 

  • I'm ready!

  • My car exercise is nearly done, I'll post it later today. You can expect it within 6 hours :)

  • Chewing through the Mesh Modeling Bootcamp now, this topology stuff is gonna be vital.

  • I have already done the homework when i followed the courses a while back. Can i upload those models or do i have to do them noe more time?

  • You can now see my car exercise in the gallery (there are multiple renders):

    • crew

      baukepost WOW. Awesome job! And this is what you built to prepare for this class??

    • theluthier hey, I'm not sure to understand how works homework, do we have to make it before or after the week event ?

      For this start i've already model the airplane 

      and done the primitives exercice :

      I'm currently looking for some steampunk vehicle (if it's allowed, I'm not a big fan of cars ... ).

      So back to my question, this I have what's needed in homework but for next week, homework has to be done before or after event ? (it's seems it's before ...)

      choosens model can be any type or ground only (planes, boats ...)

    • crew

      dieedi Excellent job on the plane, Jeremy! Homework can be submitted anytime during the week, just as long as it's before the end of Sunday. So it's totally fine to submit before the live event but it's not required. I say end of Sunday assuming weekends are the most available time to work on homework each week.

      A steampunk vehicle is certainly allowed. I'm not sure anything would be not allowed so long as it is a "vehicle" including cars, boats, planes, etc. I'll talk about this during the event today as well. 

  • Homework Submission Week 1

    Here's my Airplane:

    And here is my Modelling with Primitives exercise:

    I did it three months ago, time flies too fast!

    I started doing this guy last week as practice: 

    And this is what I have so far:

    I still have to work on the wheels, add more details and prepare it for subsurf, but so far it looks so cute <3 

    However after looking at what other people are doing just for practice, I'm no longer sure if I should continue it for the class. The design is too boxy, it feels kind of cheating. 

    My other option is one of this guys:

    Should I continue my little truck or go for a different vehicle?

    Also, I found a bug in the site! After adding two Sketchfab embeds, I can no longer scroll back to the beginning of my reply. I hope I wrote everything correctly haha.

    Edit: Sketchfab embeds are not showing up, I looked in the previous class' thread and they are not showing up there either.

    • jack07 in my opinion that transformers guy looks awesome and would continue with that :) 

      Itself that is a good idea that a vehicle and character in one, that is far from being easy

    • crew

      jack07 Fantastic work so far! Great airplane, and that massive primitive cathedral! 🤩 Also creating your own blueprint continues to impress me. Big A on your homework this week.

      I don't think you've chosen an easy vehicle, nor do I think it's cheating at all. There's a lot of details in the truck that will prove a challenge I think. I say you continue it. Part of the challenge will be preparing it well for smoothing. I suggest you not leave any edge low-poly sharp but make sure to round it out slightly (as happens with holding edges + subsurf smoothing). That will make it look closer to the real thing as well as make it render beautifully, catching a sharp highlight on all edges - delicious!

      PS: At some point recently our dev restricted embeds, including sketchfab it seems. I need to discuss this with him as it's clearly a hindrance in this case. My apologies for that. I followed the links and saw your models on sketchfab's site instead; still would prefer it shows here though.

    • theluthier Thanks! It was the first time I made a blueprint, so I also was surprised with how cool (and useful) the end result was!

      I'll continue with the truck then! I already found some challenging details, and I plan to do something interesting for the joints!

      Hope he allows back embeds, It's cool looking through everyone's submissions while scrolling :D

      csehz It's actually a vehicle and two characters!

  • For the homework, do we upload to this thread or in the gallery?

    • crew

      aarev If it's something you want to include in your profile gallery, you can upload there and link to the project here. If you don't want your homework to be part of your profile gallery, you can just upload the image here in your reply.

  • Homework Submission Week 1


    Primitives exercise (Tower of Sauron):

    I'm still not sure what vehicle to model, but I have already seen some pretty sweet concepts on Artstation.

  • Quick (and possibly silly) question but with the interior of the vehicle should we be using more general references or references for that exact vehicle model? Just that I've found some blueprints I really like but can find almost no high quality interior pictures of that same vehicle so I'm not sure if it's worth pursuing or if I should just find a different one instead.

    • thecabbagedetective I think the purpose is to get a good workflow at the end of the course, so if your interior is not the exact one of the vehicle you wish to model I'd say it's completely fine, as long as they kind of match: you wouldn't do an old interior of WWII utility vehicle in a supercar from last year :) What matters is that next time you'll be able to do it faster and better.

      That being said, you do have a good point in that it is very hard to find references for interior. Maybe look at the car manufacturer website and see if they have images of the model you're doing?

    • thecabbagedetective I think you can definitely use different vehicles as a reference for your interior, as long as it makes sense. For example, I would not look at Land Rover interiors if I were modeling a Tesla.

    • crew

      thecabbagedetective Not a silly question at all - I can't find many interior blueprints either. Pretty much all I can find is photos. It's something we're going to have to discuss in week 3. But I recommend you find interior photos of a vehicle you like (from any car) and use that to model an interior that will conform to your exterior.

    • tbrbn baukepost theluthier Thanks guys, appreciate the answers! Also sorry for taking so long to reply, just rendering my homework now and then I can get to working on experimenting with my exterior.