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For 2.8X users in the future

Some things have changed from 2.79 to 2.80

I changed the collection 2d_baker_panel_UI.001 to be un-selectable, (the cursor icon in the outliner)

I also had to load my audio into the sequencer, and then load my scene into the sequencer on top of it to get both to output.

And I had to use Cycles to render.

Hope this helps!

  • crew

    I updated the 2d Baker rig yesterday so it works in Cycles or Eevee.

    The audio should work straight up when you add it to the VSE, can you describe what happens when you add the audio?

    Does it not play the sound when you press play?

  • It worked fine while I was working, but it was tricky to get the audio and animation to output together. Maybe just something weird in my preferences, or a MacOS bug.

    I had a black rectangle appearing around some mouth shapes in Eevee, but I may have just missed your update.

  • Hi-

    I think this is the black box with evee issue, I downloaded the file 1/5/20 (US).  When you look a he mouth materials, some of the settings are opaque, if you change them to one of the alphas they work.

    I have a mac and the sound worked, in the video it shows you setting both the AV-sync and Frame Dropping, but in 2.8 it looks to me that you have to pick one or the other.  I picked av-sync after reading about them.  I could be totally wrong with both ideas, but thought it was worth a stab at an answer.

  • crew

    I may have missed some mouth shapes objects when I did the update.

    (I blame Blender...I used python to edit all the objects at once so it aint my fault haha)

    It will be fixed in the next couple of minutes.