[SOLVED] Voronoi Texture is different

The voronoi texture is different in the current version, theres a lot of different options in it and it's not producing the same results.  After trying everything i could think of i cant produce the same results.  The closest i came was connecting the 'distance' socket to the 'fac' socket of the second 'mixrgb' and putting a color ramp inbetween those but still its not the same.  Anyone know how this works in the current version?

EDIT:  After looking at the blender docs for the Voronoi Texture, I found that using the 'Distance' socket to the 'Color2' socket of the second 'MixRGB' node, use 'Smooth F1' with a 'Smoothne' value of 0.4 and 'Scale' value of 40.0 and on the 'MixRGB' node I set the 'Fac' value to 0.040 to achieve desired results.