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30 Days of modeling challenge | Personal challenge

Hey Ho. It's been to long. Been doing school. I'll cut to the chase

Found this awhile back: https://cgcookie.com/questions/10255-30-days-of-modeling

I completely missed the window, but I still wanted to try it. So here we are. 30 days of modeling. My intention by posting here is to form accountability to at least something. We'll see what happens.

  • Day 22 | Grass Clumps

    Probably my third series of grass clumps I've made. I think I'm starting to get the hang of it. Really what I'm learning is that environments are the sum of parts. These individual assets don't quite work on their own.

  • Day 24 | Flower

    Was sick yesterday, wasn't able to work. Wasn't wild about today's subject, but it ended up rendering quite well. I snatched some materials from some older cgcookie tutorial files. Need to up the sampling a bit. Other wise, it look good. 

    see you tomorrow. 

  • Day 26 | Bush

    Around the edges it works quite well. I need to make detailed leaves for the the center to work. The flat planes aren't cutting it. But I'm beginning to detest the Blender hair particle system.

  • Day 27 | Hollow Log

    Basically a texturing exercies. Don't quite know how to fix those edges. looks ok otherwise.

  • Day 28 | Ivy

    One more left.

    used ivy gen internal addon and relied heavily on this tut: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d_X33-K_nHM&t

  • Day  29 | Tree 

    Yes it's a day late. Was up to late last night. 

    Not the best not the worst. Could have put some more precision into the weight paint. Some stuffs still pretty wonky. IDK. Kinda annoyed I didn't end stronger. 

    If I wasn't clear before I will be clear now. I hate the particle system. Anyone know a good comprehensive tutorial?

    Bonus broken render:

    Origin points weren't set right

    I'm going to make a final retrospective post tomorrow.

  • Retrospective | By Neode

    I have completed a total of 26 projects over the course of four weeks. For different reasons I missed only two [of the 28 in total]. So for myself to help solidify these lessons, and to anybody who happens to stumble across this thread, here is what I've learned.

    In my experience

    -Dailies are good for forcing you to learn new things your software can do and solidifying new lessons. Some prompts forced me to use blender tools I wouldn't have touched otherwise, and the "approach-ability" of knowing it would only be a day softened the pain of the newness. I definitely feel much more confident and comfortable in blender, I look forward to a more substantial project.

    -Dailies are not good for teaching "art". As each project is only a day long, and concepts are often new, fatigue can set in quickly. Polish, substantial foundations, and that last "5%", are often pushed to the side and corners are necessarily cut in order to make a decent product.

    -Good lighting goes a long way.

    -This will not be the last time I do a block of dailies, but I want to emphasize the block part. For me at least, long term dailies would be overwhelming. Regardless, they are great self exercises, and I will probably set more concrete goals next time. 

    I hope you find this interesting. Let me know about your experience with daily renders. Thank you to CGcookie.

    • I think I agree with everything you say.

      |Dailies are not good for teaching "art"

      But they are great for learning techniques.

      I remember that on some days (especially when it involved Sims), I spend most of my time on figuring out how best to do something and only a small part actually making it...

      Thanks for sharing!