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30 Days of modeling challenge | Personal challenge

Hey Ho. It's been to long. Been doing school. I'll cut to the chase

Found this awhile back: https://cgcookie.com/questions/10255-30-days-of-modeling

I completely missed the window, but I still wanted to try it. So here we are. 30 days of modeling. My intention by posting here is to form accountability to at least something. We'll see what happens.

  • Day 1 | Sofa

    I'm reasonably happy with this one. Two things to improve. I do know I need to sit down at some point and take some dedicated time to better learn materials. Also, if I knew sculpting I could have taken some time to implement better folds and seams. Otherwise the render itself turned out quite well. 

    (I'm secretly really happy with those pillows)

  • Day 2 | Lamp

    Just as happy with this one. If these were not dailies I'd do a better job matching real world proportions, and maybe make a few tweaks here and there. Also, I'd maybe make a better grey plastic material?

    What da ya think?

  • Day 3 | Bookshelf

    Probably could have put more effort into this one. I did like the modular design. However, it turned out very flat otherwise. I'd really need to make props to sell this one better. e.g. actual books and small flower pots, etc. But those would take longer than the bookshelves themselves at my current rate. Oh well.

  • Day 4 | Coffee Table

    What drives me nuts is there is way more texturing detail you can't see, but I ran out of time to fiddle with the lighting to properly accent it. Probably could have also cranked the samples a bit more. XP . Oh well. I like this one quite well otherwise. 

    Wood Textures: https://cc0textures.com/

  • Day 5 | Lounge Chair

    Back after Christmas break.

    I like how the modeling turned out. Again, those materials could use some work, but I'm quite impressed with how good it looks for just slapping on a velvet shader.

  • Day 6 | Shag Carpet

    My attempts at making a shag carpet. The top one is just simple hair which probably turned out the best. The second two are using rope models, which ended up exploding my computer more than anything (Hence why I didn't post yesterday). As you can see from the second render, using gpu, I think I literally ran out of memory. Before I ever attempt another particle system render like this I'm getting a better PC (Or using evee?).

    On the up side, I'm more comfortable with the hair particle system settings. On the down side, using a rope model collection for the particle system ended up doing more harm than detail. It's to small to really get the detail, but too detailed that my view started stuttering on me.

    Lessons learned. Next time.

  • Day 7 | Floor Speakers

    Alright. Week 1 is done. I like how the texturing/lighting turned out. The only real annoyance is those sharp edges. Got stuck on how to mix a bump map and a bevel shader together (Any one know how?)

  • Day 8 | Axe

    I'm back. These weapons are going to be interesting. They are way more fun to light, but way the crud harder to model. I'll probably need to now teach myself better sculpting to get acceptable results. This one was good training for my quad modeling and UV-unwrapping. Though, this one needs a few days of iteration to make look good. Don't look to close but you can see some unwrapping errors already.

    I wasn't expecting how different this week's challenge would be, so I'll try to do some better planning tomorrow.

  • Day 9 | Combat Knife

    Happy New Year! Very happy with this one. Ended up quad modeling the whole thing anyway. Materials could be tweaked, but I'm quite happy regardless. Had a lot of fun with the modifier stack, and am quite pleased with how the materials worked out.

  • Day 10 | Spear

    My first Eevee render. Really liked it. Not much more to say this time. Quad modeled again. Probably should've tried sculpting that center one though.

  • Day 11 | Shuriken

    Modeled this one with the modifier stack more than anything which was fun. Another Eevee render. It wasn't worth my time to apply the modifiers, retopo, and uv-unwrap. So no texturing :-{  

  • Day 12 | Spiked Bat

    The modeling on this one turned out quite well. Im very happy with how well the modifier stack for the barbed wire came together. I couldn't figure out how to properly "bump" texture on the wire so I just obscured it with the lighting in the first pic.  

  • Day 13 | Sickle

    Nothing to profound today. Just a cycles render.

  • No nunchucks today :'(

    Started playing with the physics and had to scale everything. That somehow messed over the parenting and the heads I was working on started glitching out on me. Corrupted something, but I don't know what to fix atm and its getting to late.

    See you  for props.

    • I remember something like that happening to me as well...

      Ended up placing the chainlinks by hand;)

    • Yea. My guess is that by scaling somehow messed with the keyframes. I'd have to bug fix by removing and replacing physics options and de-parenting things. I rather just start over at this point and do everything "by hand" like you said.

  • Day 15 | Barrel

    Ok so I could have been more creative with interpreting this day's theme, but I ended up having more fun with this one than I expected. The texturing and lighting worked out quite well.

  • Day 16 | Tire

    I'm getting sick of making tires. This is probably the third one i've made for cgcookie. Regardless, I could use a bit more training for this one. Not wildly impressed with this outcome, but not too disappointed either. I will say, tires are great practice for the modifier stack. 

    P.S. I noticed June 21 and 22 has "no object" for some reason. Any suggestions from the audience as to what I should make those days?

    • J Gonzales was away for a few days. The last week was supposed to start on June 22nd. For the 21st a Lamp post was originally planned.

    • Day 17 | Filled Trash Bags

      It's... ok. I at least learned I don't want to be a simulation artist after going through this one.  Also learned, you apparently can't mix rigid body sims. w. collision sims. Or if you can, I clearly don't know how. I was originally planning to wrap rigid body objects in a cloth sim but I couldn't figure it out. Anyone else?

      Otherwise, good practice for stitching and micro-displacement (me needs more RAM if I'm ever to try the latter again).

      Hdri: https://hdrihaven.com/hdri/?h=rocky_ridge I love this one. Been using it for years.

      Bonus test render in eevee:

    • You can use Rigid Bodies in a Cloth Sim, but you'll have to enable Collision on the rigid bodies as well!

      That's what I used;)

    • Ah. I'll look into it.

  • Day 18 | Concrete Barrier

    Nothing much to say about this one. It turned out very clean in both texturing and modeling.

  • Day 19 | Shipping Container

    Plenty more I need to do to this one, but I'm calling it quits tonight, as it's getting towards evening. Was busy today. Had to start late.

     Though I am pleased with the structure and symmetry that the subject lent towards all those mirror modifiers.

  • Day 20 | Dumpster

    Turned out decent. Could have worked on the texturing more, but w. my current know how it would have been needlessly long. There's alot of shaders I don't know how to tweak properly.

  • Day 21 | Lamp Post Post

    I like pole like objects. They're easy to model.