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How to make my 3d object to 2d

Anybody know?  How make 3d object to 2d, i want to make a sticker with my 3d object


  • crew

    The only way to make 3d objects into an image is to render it out in some manner. https://cgcookie.com/course/introduction-to-rendering

  • If I read your question correctly you are asking about doing a render. Doing a simple render of a single object is usually fairly straightforward and there is a really good beginner course on it here. This will get you a 2D image (like a PNG file) of whatever your camera in your scene is pointed at and normally takes into account lighting information in your scene. There are TONS of options when doing a render and some of them can be confusing or obscure. If you are asking about how to make a 3d object look like it was drawn in 2d thats more advanced of a question. There is a ShaderForge lesson here on how to make 3d objects look like 2d clip art. That lesson could be a starting point if that's what you are trying to do. . (tip use ctrl+alt=num pad 0 to move the camera to match the current view. )