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Questions about modeling a Stormstrooper helmet

Hey guys!

I recently finished the animation bootcamp and I decided to model a stormtrooper helmet, which had been something I was afraid to do for a long time. It turned out alright in my opinion, but there are certainly some problems I ran into and would like to ask some advice about.

Sketchfab link:

(It is also possible to download the .blend file on Sketchfab)

Problem #1: these edges are too soft

On a real stormtrooper helmet, under the eyes there's a piece that goes outwards and one that goes inwards. However, I don't know how to achieve this, while also creating nice and sharp edges, since adding a supporting edge loop would cause ugly and unnecessary geometry below it.

Problem #2: these faces are distorted and don't follow the overall rounded form

Problem #3: creating small details

Now, I haven't made these on my actual helmet, but I would like to know if there was a smart way to add these small details without adding way too much unnecessary geometry to the rest of the model.


Thanks in advance!