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question about the multires modifier at the 6 minute mark

Hello, around the 6:00 minute mark, can you help me understand why you would decrease the preview within the multires modifier for the details of the sculpt to show up as a texture? Im an absolute beginner, and hopefully you can explain it in a simple way for me. Thanks, these tutorials are amazing!

  • Hello hiriperi!

    I will try to explain it.

    This is about baking the Displacement.

    If you enable Bake from Multires,  Blender calculates how much the 'Render' is displaced from the 'Preview'. It will color each pixel in your map black where it is displaced 'down' and white where it is displaced 'up' , middle gray where it is not displaced at all. (And everything in between of course...)

    Now if you have your 'Preview' resolution set to the same as your 'Render' resolution, there is no difference between the two and therefor no displacement, leading to a completely grey map.

    Hope this helps.