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I've just about had it with this site.

For starters, how do you link all the files provided in the file? Which ones are we supposed to start out with? You mentioned something about how you modeled a rocket launcher, pistol, and rifle in some previous courses. I know your speaking to the older members who probably made it with you in 2.7, but frankly, you've left us newer users in the dust.

  • crew

    Hi mmaitland ! Sorry to hear that, I had hoped it was clear. Here's what to do:

    1. Create a new file
    2. Link the Character collection from fps_character-pov (_2.81 if you're using 2.81) 
    3. Link the Rifle collection from fps_weapons 

    The other weapons are just there for you to practice with if you want or to do the final exercise with, but are not used for these lessons. 

    Happy animating!