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Polybook - Tomas Plasil

A while ago I decided to start learning human anatomy and improve my sculpting, with the goal of being a character artist one day.  So Im making this polybook to ocassionally post about by progress and hopefully get some feedback or advice or whatever you feel like writing here. 

  • Today I made the handle wrap in a way that is pretty ... handy.


    Basically I just modeled one segment on one side of the wrap made of two straps, and the tube of the handle is just a straight cylinder. It looks like this:

    The wrap of the handle is "mirrored" to the other side with Array modifier with object offset. "Mirrored" in quotes because it is rotated 180 degrees around the center and offset by the width of one strap. That way the straps create two continuous loops around the whole length of the handle. So it is like the authentic katana wrapping least according to my research.

    Another Array modifier repeats it along the whole handle.

    Next I put a Lattice modifer on both the wrap and the handle so that I create the tamper and slight bend non destructively.

    What it all means that I can modify the shape of the wrap segments or the entire handle very easily. I can sculpt detail like folds on the wrap and and it will repeat itself all over the handle. I can also easily change the number of loops around the handle just by increasing the array count and then scaling it along Y axis so it fits the length.

    When Im done, I can apply all of it and do another sculpting pass to create smaller detail and break the repetition.

  • Today I made this this for my dad, whos a blacksmith, to propose this design to a client. Yeah the wall is ugly but there was not really a point in sinking more effort into it...

  • Progress on detailing of the handle

  • Finished detailing the guard. Doing these ornaments was a great practice for hand steadiness on the tablet :D 

  • I think Im finished with sculpting the handle. Im not completely certain about the ornamentation around the guard, but Ill leave it for now and when Im done with the rest of sculpting, bake it and put some textures on it, Ill see if it looks ok...The sheath hopefully wont be so complicated :D

    • Really looking nice tomasplasil 

      How did you get the 'battered metal' look and the end of the handle. Really great detail in my opinion. Did you make us of a brush texture ?

      That's one of many areas that I am currently lacking, for now....(optimistic laugh).

    • Hey Shawn,

      Thank you :)

      I used Zbrush, so im not sure what the best workflow would be in Blender...I guess the workflow would be same just different settings.

      I didnt use a texture exactly, just a trim dynamic brush with a round alpha with a sharp falloff and some depth. So in Blender you would set up a brush that makes an indentation kind of like lightly pressing a ball into clay, with a sharp edge around the indentation :D 

      I went over the whole surface to create a randomly beaten look, then I went over the edges to break up the straight lines and kind of cave them in on some places, and then used a very sharp square alpha to create some sharper damage like rusted spots. And the last step was using few layers of noise displacement of varying scale and different curve adjustments (something like color ramp node in blender).

      I got a lot of tips for this from this video: 

      It is about zbrush but im sure the same techniques can be done in blender too. My head is kinda rewired for Zbrush now so I cant think from the top of my head how I would do it.

      The main thing really is to first create larger forms and then go into progressively smaller details, which is what you will hear in like every sculpting tutorial ever :D

    • Great! Thanks I will add that to my watch list for later. You know it looks good when people like me ask how to replicate a part of your workflow.