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Polybook - Tomas Plasil

A while ago I decided to start learning human anatomy and improve my sculpting, with the goal of being a character artist one day.  So Im making this polybook to ocassionally post about by progress and hopefully get some feedback or advice or whatever you feel like writing here. 

  • So heres the first post. I found a really cool anatomy course by Eric Wilson, so Im slowly progressing through that while making notes, exercises from the course, and sculpting this guy on the side. I am roughly halfway through the course, and it covered the torso and arms so far. The arms i am kinda struggling with, as the forearm especially is pretty complex. So I will have to put in more work into it here, and somehow manage to connect it with the hand. But contrary to what I heard before, anatomy is actaully pretty interesting. At least if you find a good source to learn from :)

  • Blocked out the hands and made a slight change to the pose. Also did some tiny tweaks all over the place.

  • Anatomical study of the arm. I didnt sculpt the whole thing, the arm is a 3D scan and I only sculpted in the divisions between individual muscles and tendons, basically like an ecorche. Its a pretty good exercise to memorize the muscles. It still needs some work, mainly get the overlaps between the muscles more defined. But I think I spent enough time on it for today, so im just gonna continue with the course for now and revisit this later.

  • Hello and welcome!  Your anatomy is looking pretty good as far as I can tell, but I would say the arms don't look like they were "exercised" enough compared to the torso, if that makes sense.  But, I am not an anatomy expert.  I am also trying to learn anatomy in my spare time to also be a character artist!  What I found to really help me is consistent practice.  Keep practicing!  Looking forward to your journey!

  • I finished the leg part of the course, today Ive been excersing sketching the muscles into a scan. The upper leg is so far the hardest part of the body for me, so I didnt bother making this too clean and sculpting in the muscle fibers. I think  Ill do that when Im more sure about the muscle placement. The area around the knee and the inner thigh is still pretty confusing to me and I think I messed up the gluteus muscles as well. Next Ill probably try to sculpt some legs from scratch.

  • Practice of sculpting female legs from scratch.

  • I finally finished the anatomy course, but now my head i too full of it :D So I decided to take a break from anatomy to let it settle a bit and make a mandalorian helmet.

    Im pretty happy with the shape but I made some mistakes when I was modeling it and the topology is a bit messy. So I will do a retopo now, since it will probably be faster than cleaning it up in its current state. Then I just have to model the panels on the sides and back.

  • Made a retopo and added some bevels...looks better now but some of the shapes are still not as clean as I would want them. Ill figure it out tommorow, too tired now

  • Cleaned up the messy parts,  the visor especially was pretty bumpy and the ridge on the side was crooked. Also modeled the panel in the back. Its pretty high poly now but I think im gonna keep it that way and later do another retopo and for in game polycount.

  • Modeled the rest of the panels, fixed shading, did UVs and created folders with masks in Substance for parts with different materials

  • Most of the work in substance is finished, so I made a test render. Pretty happy with the result so far, but I think I went a bit overboard with the dust, while the detail on the visor is not really visible. Also the normals on some edges are a bit wonky, though im not sure yet how im gonna fix that. 

  • Thought Id post it here too. In the end I made the edge normals with the bevel shader. Its not perfect, the ridge on the top of the had has a bit of a crooked bevel, but Im calling it finished for now.

  • I decided to take it a bit further and make a bust. I just gotta model the rest of the chest plate and then sculpt the clothes

  • Modeled the rest of the armor and the belt....Tommorow I  will to add a bit more detail on the arms and then its on to texturing.